Beauty Tip #1 A Little Boost In Confidence

Why everyone needs a little something.
{Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement. Products mentioned are products that I purchase on my own}
Beauty is internal right? So why then does sex sell? Attractive men and women are always strategically placed on the covers of magazines because, well, because if the person looks put together, well dressed and attractive you will automatically be drawn to them. This is factual. However, even if you are the most attractive person in the world if have an ugly personality, are full of hatred, rage or cockiness then that will show through. For the rest of us confidence is key.

Everyone is beautiful in his/her own way. Glamour comes in different styles. If using tools, enhancing your looks, using products allows you to feel more beautiful, more confident, more put together then by all means. I strongly believe that everyone needs a little something after the age of 25. Our looks change, our skin changes, our features change. It’s not about getting bogged down into being a fashion slave or a cosmetic junkie but simply going the extra mile in what you want to portray. You are a gift. A gift should always be beautifully presented, strategically wrapped.

I personally have 3 go to everyday items to put my best face forward.
• BB cream with SPF to enhance the appearance of my skin and protect from harmful UV rays


• Blush to give me a flushed vibrant glow


• Mascara to make my eyes pop


I’m not into cakey overdone looks for an everyday look, anything more is simply to go an extra mile on special occasions.

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