Beauty Tip #2 Clear Skin Au-Natural

Clear your skin naturally…Yogurt,Honey and Olive Oil Mask 

I often wonder “what is my body thinking?” Adult onset acne is not fun at all. As a teenager you are expected to go through an acne stage almost as we Latinas expect a quince as a rite of passage. The hormonal changes in your body cause the oil glands to become not only active but very often overactive. The experimentation of makeup during this time can cause the pores to become clogged, therefore trapping dirt, makeup and bacteria and in turn producing blemishes. As {young} adults we become more aware of this vicious cycle and therefore tune in to our body’s needs and how to care for our skin. By this time our body has finished with this crazy hormonal stage and the cleansing routines that we develop as well as the hormonal stability assists us in obtaining clean, clear skin.

Ummm….. pero para muchas de nosotras, not so much. Regardless of how well we tend to our skin and take our vitamins and supplements some of us just can’t seem to kick the acne stage…not even as an adult.

What’s worse is that harsh abrasive products on the market are formulated to actually suppress the break outs and not necessarily kill the bacteria. This makes our skin dependent on these products for our fear of a harsh break out. And perhaps those products that claim to clear the blemishes do, but in turn leave us with sensitive skin and marks from drying out the blemish.So, hay una solucion? Is there a solution to this vicious cycle? After all we’re not in puberty any longer! Well the truth is…who knows?!?! But you have to wonder what did women do in the early ages of life, you know after the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve. There weren’t any harsh abrasive chemicals or solution to put on your face during that time and though I haven’t found a reference in the Bible I am almost sure that women suffered from blemishes and skin irritation. So, this got me thinking, perhaps natural healing of the skin is the way to go, nature’s way.

So here’s the challenge, apply natural cleansers and purifiers directly to the skin over a course of time and see what results you come out with. This can’t be worse than applying chemical based cleansers and toners directly to the face so what do you have to lose?

I came across this recipe online and tried it myself. I have to say that after the course of a week I had noticed some improvements to my skin.

Honey, Yogurt and Olive Oil mask
(I personally have acne prone oily skin)

What you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon
  • Small mixing bowl or glass
  • 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of pure honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
  1. In a small mixing bowl or glass mix ingredients until the honey and olive oil has dissolved completely into the yogurt.
  2. Apply the mixture onto clean face with fingertips in a circular motion until all the mixture has been used.
  3. Allow to set and penetrate through the pores for at least twenty minutes.
  4. Rinse of with cool water.
  5. Pat face dry with face cloth.
  6. Follow with moisturizer or nightly routine.

Yogurt has bacteria eating properties.
Honey has healing properties.
Olive Oil has cell turning properties.

Here’s a toast to you…in hopes that clear skin will be well underway, the natural way!

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