Being Served Purposefully


On occasion before going to sleep I will lie in bed and search the internet for something positive or uplifting to listen to. One particular night I searched the web and clicked on a youtube video. A video that I watched almost 3 months ago and yet the subject matter has been lingering in my mind.

Being served.

Sounds simple enough right? Well it is. The life coach in this video spoke about her years of transforming her life and how she rid the chaos and negative habits and people out of her life but more importantly she spoke about the importance of being served. She didn’t mean being served on hand and foot nor did she mean being served a four course meal, no. What she spoke about was being served purposefully,the importance of going places and doing things and being around people that will serve you. No, not people that will praise and adore you, no. Rather, being served in the essence of being in environments that will help you grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally, being around people, places or things that will serve your soul to grow.

Listening to her speak just really struck a cord as I recalled being in church on a Wednesday night where the preacher said we are going to pray for each part of our body and ask God to restore each part to it’s fullness. “Lord” he said “We ask you to restore our legs, which we have used to walk to places that we never should have been at”. “We ask you to restore our mouths God, for using them to curse others when we should have been blessing others.” “God restore our eyes for using them to watch things and witness things that were never deemed holy nor appropriate”. I remember that night clearly as it was the first time I thought of each body part of mine’s in those terms. Perhaps that was why this youtube video hit home. I never thought of conscientiously choosing places, people or things that will serve me. I never thought of myself in high regards such as that. But, why not?

It’s not about thinking of yourself as better than others but aligning your life so that in every which way you can see the blessings and influences that those factors can play in your efforts to become a better person in filling your spirit. In reality I never thought the way the life coach did, when she would ask herself “Is this place going to serve me, is this time vested from me worth it?” It’s definitely a way of thinking that I would like to adopt. Had I asked myself those questions and thought about myself in those high regards in my early twenties I think I would have saved myself plenty of strife.

So ask yourself “Am I being served?”, “Will spending my time with this person/ in this location serve me?” Lets conscientiously choose to be proactive in pushing ourselves forward.

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