Detoxing Your Life

Detoxing your life is one of those fundamental passages that need take place before the process of redemption, purification and true change may occur. It’s a journey of cleansing our mind, bodies and souls until we are molded into the person God has called us to be.

We live in a world full of so much noise and distraction and clutter and honestly a world just full of so much garbage. It’s vital for us to take ourselves out of any negative and distracting elements to bring our lives back into balance and into harmony so that it aligns with the journey that we are set to walk on. So what am I getting at here? I’m talking about taking a mental detox, removing yourself from the world, for a short time to find yourself and refocus on your talents, your strengths, your inner beauty and take time to meditate on who you are, who you are becoming and ultimately who you’d like to be.

After going through some extremely challenging times, trials and tribulations the past year I decided that for my own well being detoxing my life was the most vital priority that I had to undertake. For me this process meant getting rid of material items, clothing, shoes, trinkets and memorabilia that had a negative memory or painful imprint associated with it. I physically cleaned out my space and got rid of things that once meant so much to me but now were a reminder of pain that I felt or an absence that suffocated me. Once those things were out of sight I replaced them with new things as an indication of new beginning. I made sure that the new things brought a smile to my face, that I could say I was in transition of detoxing my life.

The next pivotal step was ridding myself of the world. I decided that taking time to be alone, distance myself and isolate myself from further pain was vital for my well-being. This meant good-bye to social media. Not that I’m a huge fan of social media to begin with. I find it to be used for reasons that turn out to be negative rather than positive. Gossip central, misunderstandings, unwarranted opinions and internet hating are all unfortunate happenings that I myself have experienced. The truth of the matter is that those closes to me know how my life is going without an update feed or a constant call for attention. Does this mean I’ll never use social media? No, it doesn’t mean that. However if you’re like me and find that the negative aspect of it outweighs the positive aspect of it then perhaps it’s time to consider logging off and staying off for some time just to reevaluate and focus on yourself and not outside distractions.

This also meant cutting ties with toxic people. The world is full of them but it doesn’t mean that we need purposely surround ourselves with them. It’s as the saying goes “When someone shows you who they are believe them, the first time.” There is no power in the world that can aid in changing a person. None other than God and even then the person is always at liberty to reject him and seek their own desires, it’s the free will that God gave us. Love not freely given is not love at all. It’s important for us to seek out relationships and friendships that futher us and surround ourselves with individuals and people that encourage, inspire and motivate us. Life is too short to spend it around individuals that seek to get a rise out of you, that enjoy seeing you suffer, cry or hurt or that instill or inflict pain, be it physical, emotional, mental or any other array. Those are weak individuals and they will have to answer for their behaviors but in the mean time distance and little to no contact is the greatest benefit of all.

In the midst of detoxing your life journaling, praying, meditating and just times of solitude and silence are essential and beneficial to personal growth. How I have gotten through the pains of the past is a blur to me but I know God had his hand involved. Never cease praying. Taking time to be in solitude and sitting in silence does wonders to the soul. Never be afraid to spend time alone and in silence. The quieter you become the more you can and will hear. Journaling is a great tool for releasing inner frustrations, paints and pent up emotions. I plan on expanding soon on this topic but for now simply picking up a pen and a pad of paper can do wonders for your heart and soul and can aid in calming a ravenous mind.

Physical activity, adequate rest and eating well all aid in the process of detoxing. The more wholesome and nutritious your meals the clearer your mind will be to focus and make smart conscientious decisions.

Detoxing your life for your well-being can look completely different than the examples and guidelines that I’ve provided. Just remember it’s a personal journey of ridding the toxic behaviors and people and replacing them with healthy an sound decisions, habits and relationships.

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