Healing Through Heart Break- A letter to myself 2014

One of the most painful experiences in life is experiencing a loss. This can be a loss of a loved one, friendship, relationship, even the loss of a pet companion or support system. I know firsthand the devastating effects of this experience. The most challenging time of my life that should have been full of pure bliss and joy was sabotaged by someone who I loved and cared for and to this day still love and care for. Unfortunately our lives don’t always pan out the way that we would hope or expect it to. Sometimes individuals can hurt us so badly that we are left feeling completely abandoned, discarded as if we were trash thrown aside for a more luxurious prize. The feelings of abandonment, betrayal and rejection can penetrate so deeply into our core and traumatize us in such a profound way that we are paralyzed with the emotion of fear and anger and negativity. This then propels us into a cycle of negativity and seeing the world around us in such a negative manner and all those around us as well.

Healing from a heartbreak, loss, rejection, betrayal and/or abandonment is not easy. If there were a potion that was bottled up and sold in a pharmacy I for sure would be the first in line to purchase such a remedy. Unfortunately we must go through it, but go through it and live it and feel it and subject to it. Sanctification comes after deliverance and deliverance is seen in the dawn after the struggle has been won.

There is no easy way to heal from the devastation of a loss. There is only God.

I repeat, there is no easy way to deal with loss. There is only God.

This journey that we walk, this process of healing is a process that we don’t have to walk alone and one that we should seek support. We need to be extra kind to ourselves, speak words of empowerment and of positivity into lives. We need to uplift ourselves and not let the seeds of anger and bitterness, envy or wrath take root in our minds, hearts or souls.
This will not be easy. This is a struggle for so many of us.

I’d like to share this following thought, one that was spoken through me, that consoles me, that is truth to me. This is not easy for me, but I strive to try everyday in little ways in hope that one day God will redeem me and allow me to forgive and for the forgiveness that I am in need of as well.

“You heal with love not with hate. When you hate someone you give the power to them and allow them to hold you bondage. You are consumed with poison and anger, resentment and bitterness therefore you are unable to move forward because you are paralyzed in fear and emotions. When you kill someone with kindness and love you are able to transform, release the shackles of bondage and continue with your purpose in life and be a ray of light and love. You don’t diminish your sense of self or worth because you are filled with goodness that will only uplift you. God sees your heart and motives and blesses and uplifts you because you act in a Christ like manner. It’s ok to be hurt, angered and upset but it’s important to always act like Christ so that you will continue forth without regret. Pray for those that persecute you and wrong you. Ask for God to bless them and you will see how the prayers that you have prayed for them will help heal you and free you. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and trust that God is in fact there and does in fact see all, hear all and knows all. God will redeem you. God will heal you. God will restore you. It is not by your own efforts or will but by the will of God, by the promises he has made for you and the divine purpose he has for you. Seek God first always and all his righteousness and the kingdom of Heaven will be yours.” – Channel Baez

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