Inviting God Into Your Journey


I’ve been focusing on bettering myself as a person and mother and friends and the many titles that I answer to. Time and time again “I say I want to get back to the person I once was” but time and time again I continue to fall right back into negative habits, negative thinking and thus a negative way of life. It wasn’t up until about two weeks ago when I decided that I really needed to make a mends with God and seek him. This all came about when I decided that I was going to baptize my son into my faith and so therefore I wanted to begin cleaning my life. This is a journey not a destination. Life will continue to have its challenges and obstacles but God will see me through just like he will see you through as well.

I believe in God, for I know every blessing that I have ever had has come from Him. I know that He loves me unconditionally to depths that are unimaginable that he would have His own son die for me. There is no greater love than that. If you really meditate on that, that He had His own son killed so that you and I could be forgiven then you would see just how special you are to God.

This time around as I try to evolve into the Channel that I once was I have decided to start with the person that called me out of the dirt and filth to be who I was deemed to be…. God.
In brief conversations with key individuals I realized that I needed to begin dialogue with Him once again. I needed to invite him into my journey, because without him on my team I stand no chance in progressing or being successful. And so I share this with you all so that perhaps in your own trials and tribulations that you seek the Lord to be on your team. It doesn’t take much to invite him just a humble soul and yearning heart.

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