Making Positives Lists


Life is life and in reality life can often times feel like tedious days repeating themselves over and over again. I’m talking about losing the inspiration, drive and momentum that makes life full of passion and discovery. More often than not we can find ourselves just super stressed, stressed over the finances, kids, the “to dos” and so on and so forth. Sometimes we get so bogged down we lose sight of the little things that make life enjoyable.

Resiliency is a must in today’s society. I came up with a quick simple exercise to get you back into positive thinking. Make a list of all the things that help reduce your stress level and make you feel good. A list of at least 20 is a good starting point. Refer to this list whenever you begin to out of balance to get yourself back on track with the things that make you feel like yourself.

I will share some of my list with you and hope that you will work on developing one for yourself.

My List ( Things that help me reduce stress) : 

* Journaling
* Writing six month letters to myself and where I am in life and where I hope to be
* Vanilla scented candles
* Scented bubble bath and bath oils
* Tea
* Getting my hair professionally done
* Fashion
* Getting a massage
* Scented lotions
* Watching inspiring movies
* Reading inspiring books
* Listening to relaxing music
* Praying
* Going to confession
* Attending church
* Going for long walks
* Going for long drives
* Taking pictures
* Writing
* Coordinating/accessorizing outfits
* Shopping
* Staying organized
* Keeping open communication
* Dressing up and going out
* Socializing
* Writing poetry
* Performing
* Public Speaking
* Motivational Speaking
* Wine
* Seashells
* Freshly washed bed linens
* Sunny days
* Performing random acts of kindness
* Rainy days
* Pretty journals
* Sunsets
* Sunrises
* Positive people
* Positive surroundings

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