Why My Education Doesn’t Matter.

I am educated. For that I am blessed. I was the first woman in my entire family to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree. In June of 2016 I became the first person in my ENTIRE family to have earned and completed a Master’s degree. I am proud of my accomplishments. Rightly so I should be proud of my accomplishments. Maintainting a high grade point average while raising two children on my own and holding down a full time state employment position while pursuing my own personal agenda and ventures is no easy task. I’m a former teen mother, a two time single mom and Latina. The odds of “success” are simply not in my favor. And yet in this area of my life I have managed to sacrafice, overcome and beat the odds (by no easy feat) to being a success. I have been called a role model, an example, an influential leader and while these compliments bring a smile to my face and touch my heart the truth is…. it does not matter.

My education does not matter. I’ll repeat it again, for dramatic effect and all intents and purpose. Once again, I’d like to reiterate that my education does not matter.

How can that be? How could I have given so much time in my prime years of my life to manage work, school and family life to have it not matter? How could tireless nights spent researching, typing, editing, retyping and reediting not matter? How could a 2 hour rush hour morning commute to my alma mater not matter? How is this not important ? Could this sacrafice all been done in vain?

Here’s the truth my education does not matter because in the eyes of God it does not give me any kind of merit, importance or recognition. My degrees do not make me any better of a person. My education does not give me prestige. It simply does not matter.

Am I proud of my accomplishments ? Most certainly I am. I aspire to inspire others and assist others in their journeys of self improvement. I know my education  has opened up better opportunities for myself, for my children and for those that I’m able to coach and mentor. But I also recognize that those doors of opportunity only opened because God opened them for me. I have been blessed by God to have been able to attend college and graduate school and graduate debt free. I know God worked through my finances so that I could pay my education in full in cash on my own. I learned to value education and see it as an investment. I was investing in myself. My education is by far one of the biggest investments in my life but you know what? … it really doesn’t matter.

Ok so let’s get to the root of this. Is an education important ? For sure. Can an education change your life? Absolutely. Is an education a worthy investment ? I sure seem to think so.

So why the negativity ? Well, it’s not negativity as far as it is from a realist point of view. My blog is aimed at inspiring, encouraging , motivating and informing but more importantly my methods come from a higher source . My abilities come from a divine power. i.e. God. 

From a societal standpoint and a worldly view an education is vital. It will not guarantee but almost ensure better opportunities and possibilities. But the truth is God will either open those doors or not open them. A relationship with God matters more than an education. Sadly this is not something that we as a society value. We value culturally accepted norms such as go to school, get your degree, get a high paying job, be happy. The focus and emphasis being on the individual’s own needs and wants. I need to go to a good school because I need to make good money so I can live a good life. This is the truth, an education is only as valuable as what you invest it in. It holds its value in serving the purpose in which God created you for . 

Months ago my social media profile for instagram stated the following: * Massachusetts State Employee , * Master’s degree educated , * mother to a diva and muñeco, * follower of Christ. In time I felt something shift. I didn’t want to list the titles I associated with. Not because I was shameful or embarrassed but because I felt it inflated the ego a bit too much. Of course I’m proud of where I am today and of course I have goals where I’d like to be but identifying myself with those titles serves me no purpose if I’m not working for the kingdom of God. Who cares if I have my master’s degree and make decent wages if I’m not sharing and empowering others with the knowledge that I have obtained. Who cares if I’m a state employee with a decent paying position if I’m not helping those in need, if I’m not feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless.

The degrees on my wall mean nothing if I have not turned my knowledge into wisdom and my rationale into discernment. If I have not built relationships and loved and prayed for and cared for my neighbors including my enemies then what good is all that “worldly knowledge”?

Plaques , trophies , certificates, degrees they don’t matter if they are to serve our own personal agenda. God could just as easily bless the person with less than a highschool diploma as he could me with a Master’s degree. What matters most in this world is love. Love of ourselves, love of our neighbors, love of God.

Not so long after that feeling of conflict did I update my profile to read “Living with intention.” 

One day we will all stand before God and give an account of our lives, the choices we made and the work we did for God. Let us remember that that will be what actually matter.

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