The Weekender Bag

With Christmas approaching quickly I found myself delving in shopping sprees for my dearest loved ones only to remind myself that I too would need to purchase and wrap a few key articles for myself to be sure that Santa left something special for me under my glimmering white winter Wonderland tree. In my journey of soul searching and healing after narcissistic abuse and the aftermath that being a survivor entails I made a clear and concise decision that healing would involve intentional planning of living with intention, integrity and authenticity . A time to not only learn about myself but to also reinvent and recreate myself. I allowed my mind to wander to more simpler times, to the young woman I was in my early to mid 20s when life was focused more on having fun and traveling before it became career and goal oriented. And as I allowed my mind to wonder I allowed myself to live out a sense of excitement for new experiences and new opportunities to be made. The excitement to be had in adding a stamp to my passport after many years of being stagnant and not exploring or adventuring. Though I don’t expect to relive my 20s of informal excursions to Miami or Puerto Rico or the breath taking remnants of Paris because of my responsibilities to my children I do know that this journey does indeed involve a newfound relationship with my desire to travel and immersion in new cultural bounds. 

It was for that very reason that my weekender bag though nothing spectacularly unique became such an iconic article to be purchased. Sure I own luggage and as of not even a month ago I was boarded on flight creating new memories. But the Weekender Bag represented something different. The carefree nature of using it as a carryon on flight to a new destination or throwing it in the trunk for a long weekend trip to New York or Toronto. The simple functionality and versatility of a classic mini dress and pumps on route to Providence or Boston. The purchase stood for so much more than the obvious purchase of a travel bag. It stood for creating a new lifestyle. The vitality and necessity of living life of savoring the moments and becoming new. It stood for new encounters, destined to be made. For spontaneous travels as well as those planned in detail. This purchase represented freedom, mobility, change, growth , evolvement, development, healing. And so to the naked eye and to the practical consumer or observer it was just a travel bag. Something to throw your clothing, toiletries, shoes and necessities in but for me it was so much more . It was me in my journey of healing and becoming Channel again.

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