The Power In Admitting Your Insecurities 

So much power lies in our insecurities. Based on the law of attraction we attract what we think about. Our own insecurities in our lives will very well influence the choices we make in our life and will very well self impose limitations. We feel self concious about these inner conflicting thoughts and beliefs that we spend so much time trying to overcompensate for our percieved shortcomings. We’re insecure about our skin so we mask, conceal and contour our skin to our own appeal of “perfection”. We’re insecure with our bodies so we cover up with clothing that will draw attention away from our “problem areas”. We feel insecure about our capabilities that we shy away from opportunities to advance in our professional lives or even in our personal endeavors. 

This is most especially true of women who have to confront societal pressures on the ideal characteristics, traits and physical attributes of the ideal woman, characteristics, traits and physical attributes that many of us will never live up to. Insecurities don’t come from God. They are seeds planted to continue to anguish us with the precept that we are not good enough because of our flaws. Because we see our flaws and compare them to another’s highlights.

When it comes to masking our insecurities it is natural. We rightly so want to defer negative attention from our way. We want to highlight our beauty with cosmetics and products and the correct clothing and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. We should present ourselves as the gifts we are.

Sometimes we try to cover up our insecurities by becoming so defensive and denying them or better yet throwing our defensive ways in way of another to bring them down in such a way so we, ourselves do not feel so inferior. But how does this help? Hate speech or abuse or insults should never be tolerated but you take fuel away from another by admitting to your insecurities to either yourself or others. By admitting and not defending the ego.

After having my children my body was left completely damaged. With the help of the gym, a strict workout regimen and diet I was able to lose the weight. However, it took a long time. I had been told along the way that I had let myself go. That happened around the time that I was also cheated on and so I internalized that. I was told I had a pig nose, big forehead, dumbo ears and had let my body go. Of course hearing such things will impact your belief that you are a beautiful being, add to that being cheated on. The result in conjunction with other events was not positive. However I used the negativity to fuel myself to better myself. I was fighting the insecurities to rebuild myself. And so the gym helped, diet helped and when I could not get rid of the excess skin on my abdomen a tummy tuck also helped. 

I share this because though others may judge my choice of how I invested money into skin removal I am completely content with my decision. After years of hating my abdomen and not feeling secure within myself I made a change for myself. I invested money into making a change for myself. Regardless if someone agrees or approves or does not is not my concern nor should how you spend your time or money be a concern to anyone else.

When I  was told that I had nothing to offer I made it a point to invest in my education and obtain a Master’s degree. I built up my own self esteem. To make myself feel better because at that given time I felt I had something to prove to myself and others.

I have tapped into my insecurities to better myself but of course I still have insecurities as do we all. There are things about my appearance, personality and life that I am insecure about. There are things that I would like to change now, in the near future and the far future of course. If someone makes it a point to throw my insecurities in my face I prefer to swallow my pride and let the truth stand. Why get defensive and lie to another or yourself about your insecurity? I mean the fact that someone else has to make a reference about you in any regards to make you feel insecure is clearly telling of the type of person they are. 

Our lives would be less complicated if we were all honest and transparent with ourselves and with others. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world with people waiting to devour and thrive on your insecurities. I am in no means stating that you share these emotions with individuals that will feed off your turmoils. Nor that we should go around sharing our short comings rather than building our confidence. We should always focus on our gifts, our talents and our blessings and ways to build ourselves and others up but we should also be honest about our insecurities. Recognize them. Call them out by their name and give them over to God. 

When you admit to your insecurities, when you are honest about them and call them out by name and rebuke them in Jesus’s name you are taking power away from them. 

And if your insecurities are based on another individual either by comparison or because of statements made remind yourself ” who cares”. Honestly who cares if they have better _ or are able to _ or _. Who cares? Who cares what others say about you or think about you? By calling out our insecurities and being honest with ourselves and others if need be we are taking back our power. One less tactic for the enemy. 

This is like saying “hi shame, hi humiliation, hi inferiority I see you there, I sense your presence. Yes I wish I had better hair, yes I wish I was taller or had a smaller forhead or smaller ears or_ or _ or _, (whatever insecurities you or others have planted in you). I see you there, yes I wish _ or _ was different or I can’t _ or _ but in due time I will or want to change _ and _. God help me with this situation. I feel insecure because of _ and _ and I want to change. I don’t want to feel like this. I want to feel comfortable and confident and see myself how you see me which is in the eyes of the creator. Help me either to change or at the very least not just be okay and accept but also thrive with my imperfections, with my insecurities.”

I know this may not ease the insecurities but it will make it easier to address them until we decide if we are able to make a change or God intervenes.

But always remember insecurities do not come from God. Peace comes from God and God is bigger than our insecurities. Change what you can but give it all, the change, the anguish and what is left over to God.

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