Creating a Sense of Accomplishment by Becoming Self Employed 

Few things in life can serve as such a sense of accomplishment as having your own family and owning your own business. As a single professional Latina woman it is ingrained in my makings to lead a successful life and pave the path for my children. It is imperative for both my son and my daughter to see their mother shatter glass ceilings and be the woman I was created to be. 

There is a deep satisfaction or rather sense of accomplishment in owning your own business and/or brand. It’s the possibilities of the impact your creation can have on another individual’s life and community. The independence in adopting your own schedule, taking leadership and guiding others while also guiding yourself.

This year I was blessed to file taxes under my own personal branding of self employment. Though paying taxes are not anything I could ever see anyone getting excited over, it signified the authenticity of having finally become a legal entity with services in demand by others. The filing of the Schedule C reignited my passion to continue forth with my personal endeavors and in creating the business that I have in mind. 

Owning your own business is simultaneously challenging and rewarding. I am proud to be acquainted with other professionals in various communities and settings that have worked diligently to overcome challenges and see their dreams come to pass. I’m always impressed by those who risked it all at a chance to follow out their passion and purpose.

Owning my own business was not a goal of mine’s in life. Truly it simply was not something I had ever given much thought. Though throughout the years my experiences and exposures have led me to where I am in my current profession. In being a private and contracted consultant I take pride in my services and in the clients that I have assisted or impacted in any way. My business practice may not make me rich at the given moment or in the future but it’s a creation that I birthed and nurtured and will continue to nurture until I have perfected it.

Being a professional Latina means that not only do I represent myself but also my family, my church, my community and my culture. And so I share this to serve as a reminder to all, not just business owners but to professionals and unprofessionals alike…

Continue believing in your capabilities and talents and what you have to offer the world based on the two. Business owners vary from being a store owner with employees to simply having your own cooking business or nannying services. It’s all in how you see yourself and your entrepreneurial skills. And no entity (aside from those that seek destruction) is a wasted thought or effort. We all have something to offer that can serve to enhance our lives and the lives of others.

It all begins with tapping into your talents, your resources and your drive and determination.

To whom much is given, much is expected. So let’s expect excellency from ourselves and from others and let us continue to raise the bar whether through our businesses, our brands or our own personal lives.


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