It’s Not Worthwhile To Prove Yourself To Others

People will only meet you at their level of experience or expertise. You can’t expect those that have not experienced your hardships, trials or tests to understand or relate to you. Once you learn this you will learn that in life there are simply a vast majority of individuals that no matter how hard you try to open their eyes or make them understand, they simply cannot and will not. Regardless of your true intentions or deepest desires some individuals will be set at categorizing you in their perspective, based on factual or fictitious beliefs that they have decided about you. 

Often times in life someone who may have been close to us will betray us, belittle us and portray us in such a negative manner to others. Typically people that do such simply are broken themselves and their brokenness spreads over and overflows to inflict pain onto others.  I’ve experienced this first hand as I’m sure the majority of us have. Some of us more so than others. In my personal experience my name and character were slandered and I was portrayed in such a negative light. I think what hurt most was that the individual who initiated the grotesque behavior was someone who was at one point close to my children and I . Someone I confided in and as a result this individual took advantage and painted a portrait to me of one persona but a completely opposite portrait to the world about me. Friendships that once were in existence proved to be faulty. In these circumstances it has always been in my human nature to defend myself and my name, however those who have been the recipient of how I have been portrayed believed the lies because in their eyes it made sense. 

In the past I wanted to clear my name, to be vindicated and set the record straight but I have learned that sometimes it’s not worth to prove myself, my story or my position to anyone else. People will only relate or meet you at their level of experience or expertise. How can we possibly expect the ignorant of mind or heart to have a complete understanding when they themselves have no experience or expertise in the subject matter? Simply put, we can’t. It’s also a reason why the bible tells us that a believer with an unbeliever will be unequally yoked. Two polar opposites will never be in alignment.

I still find myself at times at a crossroads of wanting to stand up and defend myself and other times simply resisting the urge and knowing when in some cases with a few key individuals it simply is not worth it. These individuals are set in their beliefs and opinions and thought patterns. It isn’t my job to convince others of the person I am. It is simply my job to be the person I know I am in front of God. By striving to prove myself and my worth and experiences to others I am threading on thin ice as I am putting out too much energy and attention on individuals that not only don’t matter or are irrelevant but I am also in a way idolizing said individuals when the attention should be better spent on developing through God’s word.

Sometimes it’s simply not worth the energy, negativity or aggrevation to prove ourselves to others. I have learned that in those cases when individuals are so set on seeing us or speaking about us negatively the best thing is to acknowledge them for who they are, wish the well and let them become your past. 

It’s never worth proving yourself. 

In a world full of so many beautiful new experiences and harmonious individuals the best decision we can make is create distance among those ungodly individuals and be our own true self, regardless of how we are portrayed.

There is beauty in freedom of criticism.

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