Curating Your Own Personal Style 

In my most recent post I touched on the topic of dressing well and the significance and role that dressing well plays in one’s life. Today I want to touch on the subject of how to curate your own personal style. Many individuals have a challenging time channeling in on their personal style and what they specifically are drawn to or away from. Many individuals spend far too many hours shopping and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on clothing which they then decide shortly after that they are no longer in need of or desire to wear. Often times we find ourselves shopping for a special occasion, shopping for the ideal attire for a wedding or brunch or night out without considering how the purchased items will blend with our current wardrobe. In many circumstances we may fall into the trap of purchasing clothing, accessories and attire to return home and see that it doesn’t go with anything we currently own. Sometimes even returning home with bags in hand to conclude that you still have nothing to wear.

The reason behind this is because our shopping habits are more impulsive and not intentional.

For the longest time I’d go shopping every few weeks and purchase clothing with an occasion in mind and wear the attire once and then end up donating it. Sometimes I’d purchase a handful of tops and have nothing in my closet that went with them, nothing that I truly loved, items that in short time were not my taste or liking. This was because I had not honed in to my own personal style. I was shopping trends and losing intrest in the clothing as quickly as the trend was over.

So how do you hone into your personal style? My suggestion is to look through fashion magazines,  dive into pintrest,  view fashion blogs and make a list or select images that speak to you. Pay attention to the small details and the overall esthetics of the attire. Find the commonalities among the details of each unique piece and take a mental note as to why you are drawn in. Once you have taken your time in this step you can proceed to the next step which starts with purging your wardrobe of the attire that that does not fit into this look.

After I concluded that my personal style was to be super chic I made it a point to declutter my wardrobe of items that did not express such. Primarily it was time to chuck articles that consisted of prints and shimmer as they did not fall into the ethics of a fluidly chic wardrobe.

I elimated items that no longer spoke to me or my new found style or that simply didn’t fit my body in a feminine manner. Most of the clothing simply didn’t make me feel beautiful or confident and therefore had to be eliminated.

Sometimes this can be a daunting task and most especially challenging to donate clothing that is name brand, good quality and expensive. However it does no justice to hold on to clothing that does not speak to our authentic self. It serves no purpose to hold on to articles that don’t go with the look that we most identify ourselves with.

If you find this task too challenging then I suggest doing so over the course of a handful of weeks or so. If you realize that you will have absolutely nothing left in your wardrobe after honing into your personal style then I suggest simply incorporating a few key items over time while you phase out of your old style and transition into your new one. Typically I go through my wardrobe quarterly to be sure I am enjoying all of the pieces I own. Whatever looks worn will become recycled or discarded. Items I simply don’t enjoy will be donated and higher quality will be consigned or gifted or sold.

Once you have rid yourself of these items. It is time to streamline your wardrobe by implementing key pieces such as outerwear, shoes and accessories as these will be the key pieces as well as staple clothing items to build your wardrobe around. It is then equally important to evaluate why you made the purchases that you had made in the past and make note of why those items didn’t make it to your new look so as to stay away from such items in the future. Keeping a digital note in your phone to refer to when shopping can and will assist in staying focused on building your new look and incorporating key pieces. For myself this meant being vigilant with my attraction to prints and the acknowledgement of how tired I grow of them in time.

It also means being in tune with your inner spirit and being led by the spirit even in the simplest tasks such as shopping. God wants friendship with us and even in the small things such as shopping. Just last week I went online looking for a few silk/satin luxury camisoles to incorporate into my wardrobe. I was pleased to find that the camisoles were on sale and proceeded to a local brick and mortar store. I selected the items I found online and proceeded to the fitting room to try them on. I wasn’t blown away. Though they were cute and could easily be implemented with what I currently owned I just wasn’t in love. I contemplated buying them and having them tailored to fit my petite frame perfectly but it simply didn’t sit well. I felt the spirit talking to me. Telling me not to waste my money on such purchase. I redressed and placed the camisoles on the return rack and made my way into another store where to my likings I found a plain black satin camisole for a fraction of the cost and found a faux leather inspired moto jacket. I had been waiting for years to purchase a well fitted leather jacket but hadn’t found one in the price range I was hoping for or style I was looking for. Though this jacket was not exactly what I was looking for it was an ideal staple to incorporate into my wardrobe and I was glad that I trusted my intuition and allowed the spirit to guide me. 

When curating your own personal style it is important to take your time to build a foundation and work in staple pieces that you will absolutely love and that will grow with you throughout the years to come. Personal style is about individual taste and not following trends. Occasionally trends my fall into our personal style but it is important to ask yourself if can you see yourself wearing the article a year or two or even three years from now. This will keep us mindful, attentive and alert and will deter us from making impulsive purchases.

By honing into our personal style we will build a wardrobe that speaks on our behalf before we even open our mouths. By setting a solid foundation we should eventually open our wardrobe and never have to say we have nothing to wear. Special occasions, meetings, interviews and date nights will be less stressful because we will no longer have to go out to shop for an ideal outfit  that we may possibly only wear once. Our entire wardrobe will consist of pieces that can be used for any given occasion. 

Finding your own personal style should be enjoyable and enlightening. Most of all it should be freeing and intentional.

Dressing well matters. Being intentional matters more. Being authentic matters most. While authenticity begins in the inside, our style, self respect and individuality is seen to others on the outside. That’s why curating your own personal style matters. Because being authentic matters.

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