You Are Not Bound By Your Circumstances 

It was a beautiful Spring day in the state of Rhode Island. The sun was shining down ever so gently with the cause and effect of attaining an ever gentle light suntan while not even noticing so. The cool breeze blew briskly causing light goosebumps on many patron’s skin. The Army base was filled with such patriotism, such love and support, I felt such emotion. Was it the adrenaline rush from the fighter jets taking off simultaneously while simulating enemy and survival tactics? Or was it the pride I felt in my heart and soul by such deep appreciation for my former and current Army and Marine friends? Perhaps it was the experience of sitting in my friend’s own Black Hawk Medic Helicopter or seeing for myself how our troops, our friends, my own friends risk their lives for the betterment of their lives, their familie’s, their country’s. Perhaps it was the combination of it all along with experiencing the occasion and Army base that I felt an overwhelming sense of hope and joy.

I was experiencing my first military aviation show on base. The experience of it all was so profoundly impactful in more ways than one.

It was at the very moment that the military began their simulation with enemy and survival tactics that the spirit spoke to me. I was sitting in the V.I.P. section of the event, reserved for the family members of the troops, looking out at the horizon. It was at the moment which two army helicopters graced the sky, one carrying a mass weapon, another a utility vehicle, that I overcame with emotion as to how many men and women risk their lives in order to protect my life, my family’s life and to protect those around the world in great need that they have no relationship or personal interconnection with. I felt the spirit stir within me saying “Look at so much that is out there. Look how grand the world is. Look how I move my people about and lead my people forward. You are not bound by your circumstances.”

I think this is a beautiful message meant for me to share with all. We are not bound by our circumstances. Whatever circumstances those may be. You are not bound by them. We as individuals for the most part have a tendency to bound ourselves mentally. We do so in projecting onto others based on our own beliefs or our limited views or to view our lives or futures based on past or present experience. We are bounded by our limited and often times obscured views but God is not. God is infinite. He knows the beginning and the end. He knows the future while you live out the present. He sees day 25 while you are on day 4. God is not bounded by your circumstances  and therefore you are not bounded by your circumstances. 

What we perceive as the outcome to a situation may just be the doorway opening to a new and profound adventure, journey, experience or lesson. What may be challenging and frustrating for us could just be God’s way of developing us and strengthening us. Life cannot always be easy. It must challenge us at times, break us at times and profoundly impact us at times so we can become better equipped at the next stage of our development, of our cause, of our calling.

Therefore do not fret. Do not be anguished or tired or burdened. The story is not over yet. Not until your last sweet breath. The repetition of today, the sorrows of tomorrow, they’re all a part of life but they will not consist of your entire life because if you take time to be still, to sit in silence, to hear Him you will too realize that the best is yet to come when you realize that God is not bound by your circumstances and therefore nor are you.

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