Does God Still Talk?

In a world full of so much chaos, confusion, rowdyness and distraction many often find themselves wondering if God still talks. Where is God? How come we can’t hear Him or feel Him? How come we pray but nothing.
It’s simple. Turn off your phone, computer, tablet, television and mp3 players and get into His presence. God still speaks to us. He speaks to us each and every single day. The real question is “are we receptive to receiving His word?” Are we positioning ourselves in such a way that when God speaks to us or moves us that we are able to hear Him? How do we know He is speaking to us? How do we know what He is saying to us? It all comes down to one thing… being still.

We find our Lord in silence, in solitude, in communion, in devotional, in prayer. Sometimes it’s simply tuning out the world, sitting in silence and putting yourself in the presence of the Lord. Other times its meditating on scripture or simply reading the word. Sometimes it’s through others that He will speak to us and most often it is through the tugging of our own heart that He will draw near. 

In order to hear the voice of God we must be filled with the spirit of God. We must be growing in friendship and relationship. Think about it, any other friendship or relationship requires effort, commitment and communication. Why should our relationship with God differ? Relationships grow by cultivating them. The same is true for a relationship with God. Our relationship grows by cultivating it and making sure communication is consistent. 

When prayer seems like a burden to bear simply be still. Simply open your heart. Tune out the world and just be.

I have been blessed in my walk that I have people that God uses to speak through to me and uses to teach me. I’m even more grateful when I can recognize and hear or feel the spirit within myself for myself. God is very much alive and uses the holy spirit to convict us so that we may change, to draw us close and to lead.

On this evening I couldn’t help but share this post knowing that this past week has been one that I am ever grateful for. Having the spirit convict you of something in order that you may be cleansed and in turn drawing you closer is a beauty in itself but seeing everyday little “miracles” reinforce what we already know, that God is FOR US and NOT AGAINST us.

God’s promises are forever. If He spoke it to you then it is for you. 

This past week I was led by the spirit to read a book. An everyday New York Best Seller… one that upon finishing I immediately emailed the author to express my gratitude that she has unknowingly played in this journey of my life by simply sharing her story and publishing it for the world to read. I found myself smiling and saying “this is all you God. You led me to this and I know exactly what you’re telling me with this and thank you”. You see God is not dead. He is alive and He works and moves in mysterious ways because as we know from scripture all good things work out for those who love Him.

What is God trying to tell you? How is He trying to get your attention? When was the last time you shared your joys, hopes, goals, dreams or hangups with Him? Don’t delay. 

God still talks. You just have to be able to hear and listen.

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