When You Are Set Apart

It’s late evening almost dawn. I’m laying in my plush queen sized bed. Draped in soft fabrics of cotton blends and fleece and an overwhelming feeling of peace. And while I wish I could just shut my eyes and drift into peaceful slumber I simply can’t because the spirit is moving within me, is talking to me, is confirming and reaffirming that God has spoken a new word in my life. Its the word of being set apart. Ugh, why are tears streaming now? Why is my heart beating so melodramatically right now? Why do I feel a sense of urgency to share this with my subscribers, with you, with the world? Perhaps because you too have been called to be set apart. Perhaps because if you are subscribed to this blog or follow it from time to time it is because maybe God wants to speak to you as well. Perhaps you are also called to walk by faith and not by sight.

I’m in a transitionary season. A season of great transformation. God is doing something very real for me. Allow me to elaborate. For too long too many of us have considered ourselves set aside. You know how it goes… set aside for another person to get the job. Set aside for another person to win the award and receive the prestige and recognition. Set aside for someone else to get the title, the home, the family, the ring. Some have felt set aside to be placed for adoption, to be abandoned, to be rejected. Being set aside is to be thrown away, disposed, of no good, of no use of no value. Wow that hurts. We internalize, we are no good, we are replaceable, we have no value. The seed is now planted. We weren’t good enough for them to make the relationship, the marriage, the family work. We weren’t qualified enough to obtain the position, the title, the salary. We weren’t valuable enough to make them love us, stay with us, take care of us, be with us. God why am I not good enough?! Why was I not good enough?! Why didn’t you make me good enough?! Why couldn’t you make them see something good enough in me?! 

The enemy is a liar. Can I repeat that? The enemy is a liar. What you see with your human eyes as being set aside may in reality be being set apart. You see when God sets you apart he has unique plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11. He will cause pain in your life to birth something new. 

How can you be worthless to a human being when your celestial father loved and loves you so much that he gave his only son for you? How can you be forgotten or abandoned or rejected by a human being when your Lord and savior was nailed on a cross for you? 

When Christ was crucified he cried out to the father to forgive the people persecuting and crucifying him because they did not know what they were doing. Today I tell you you have not been set aside or forgotten or abandoned. You have not been thrown away or disregarded because your God, your father would never do such a thing. Fallen human nature has failed you, has wounded you, has pained and traumatised you. God has not. You see your story is now going to shift. God is going to work in you and through you. God is going to give new purpose to your life. That abandonment, that rejection, God will use it to bring you closer to him. To show you that outside of him there is nothing you shall need. Those individuals that have ridiculed and mocked you… God will vindicate. 

When you are chosen you are set apart. Because you are chosen God will set you apart to develop you, to mold you, to restore you. The plot the enemy had set out for your destruction God will use for your deliverance. You were not set aside, you were not thrown away, you are not trash. God has not set you aside. God has not thrown you away. God has not called or made you trash. To the contrary. You are in a new season. A season of development and transformation. God will repurpose both you and your life. Chosen individuals cannot just live as the world does. Chosen people are called to live by higher standards. Those of the Lord. Therefore not everyone can continue on this path because not everyone is chosen. 

The urgency of this message is for you to know that God has a plan for you. Those individuals, they did not cut you off. They cut themselves off. Praise God for this new season. God has called you. You have not been set aside. You have been set apart. 

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