As the Seasons Change 

Prayer changes things. Talking to God changes things. Spending time at the feet of the father changes things. What I’ve learned or rather what I’m learning is based on this concept of time. God works outside the bounds or limits of time because he is omnipotent. Though seasons change and years go on, it doesn’t mean that we as individuals necessarily change. I mean change we do. Change, as is said, is inevitable. Growth however is optional. And every season of our lives brings different challenges or joys or sufferings. But each season can be embraced or overcome if we give it to God.

I felt so strongly in my heart the other night to write about the changes in the seasons. Not the seasons as reffered to in the farmer’s almanac but rather the seasons in our lives. The ones we want to rush through and the others we want to get to. The seasons of joy and love and excitement and the seasons of hurt, pain and suffering. The seasons of hearing the voice of God and seeing his hand in everything and the season of being in a desert and wondering where the Lord is among all our cries and unanswered prayers. There are seasons when we are exasperating to lift our arms in praise and others where we sit in silence and have him search the depths of our souls. Regardless of what season we are in, any given state of our lives and regardless of what we are trying to get through or get to it’s never in vain and can be all used in God’s master plans if we give it to him.

There’s a season to love and to forgive. To forgive doesn’t mean we forget. On the contrary. We remember and recover but to forgive means to hold on to the Lord so tightly to aid us in the spiritual battles that our flesh simply cannot win. It then becomes a season of trust. Of trusting in the Lord and that his plans work out for those who love him. It becomes a season of thanks when you are out of the desert and don’t know how you got out as you couldn’t hear or feel or see God but acknowledge that even so he was there and he was working all along.

There’s a season to destroy. Destroy the dead end friendships, the dead end relationships, the dead end revival to the pain. And there’s a season to build. A new foundation, equally yoked friendships, equally yoked relationships. There is a season for everything under the sun. There is a God appointed time for everything. Not by our time but by his. And there’s nothing and I mean nothing that can’t be worked through or dealt with at the feet of the cross. If all our days are numbered and this life here on Earth is but a vapor then our seasons are to be used with the temporal to gain the eternal. If the years are diminishing and our lives are passing us by then the eternal should be on our mind. If you want to change your life, if you want to renew your mind, if you want to transform in this time it all starts in a relationship in Christ. It means putting everything aside and making him the priority, getting to know him, spending time with him. For me it has meant adopting new friendships of like minded individuals and intentionally dedicating time whether an hour in adoration or reading scripture or listening to sermons. It means that time has no bounds and there is no condemnation so long as we are following Christ.

I, myself have come to the belief and acknowledgement that so much can be learned, heard and understood in just an hour of adoration. So much can be undone and so much God can redo by sitting in silence in adoration. Bondages, soul ties, illnesses, generational curses, all can be broken by the blood of Christ in just sitting in the silence of adoration. Past mistakes, anger, hurt and hangups can be used for your testimony if we sit at the feet of the cross in adoration. 

The bible says God will give us the desires of our heart when we seek him. He does this because when we become yoked to God his desires and his wants become our own because we become one with him.

And so though seasons may change and you may change just remember change is inevitable. Growth is optional. And when you are dying to yourself and awaiting the next season remember that nothing is too far gone out of God’s reach to work through and our timing is not the same as the Lord’s , just as our plans are not the same as the Lord’s. God’s love and mercy is not bounded by time but why waste seasons awaiting the “right time”. The time is now. The season to sit before God is now. I can assure you it will be the biggest blessing of your life for all eternity.

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