Y.O.L.O., the newfound and not so newfound term coined by mainstream society may be one of the most misleading and dangerous terms of our times, most esspecially with our younger generations. Y.O.L.O., better known as ” you only live once” seems to be a term developed and driven by the elitist in our pop culture and entertainment cultured society but a term so misleading and astraying that made this blog post all the more necessary. 

From a marketing standpoint the belief that one only lives once makes it acceptable if not necessary that one lives life to the absolute max, meaning taking high stake risks, enjoying the “now” as it is a fleeting moment and building up one’s experiences and lifestyle based on the notation that you must go out with a bang. It’s an all or nothing attitude. You only live once so screw it might as well do what you gotta do. How sad is this mentality and how detrimental to our society.

These beliefs are pushed by those in positions of power. Those in the limelight which people idolize, be it celebrities or high stake fortune 500 ballers. These individuals are so lost themselves in the fast life and popular culture that they themselves will only live once. Their riches and gains will be inherited here on Earth as they follow the dark forces and principalities of this world. Their fame, their fortune, their power has been gained here on Earth. This is their “kingdom”. We must remember exactly who’s kingdom this is… the fallen angel’s cast out of Heaven who now roams seeking souls to devour. The goal for these elitists is to lead as many astray as possible as they themselves have decided to go astray. The term Y.O.L.O. conotates “you only live once so do what you want to do and don’t worry about the consequences. Have all you can have. Live all you can live. Do all you can do. It doesn’t matter in the end because you only have one life so you have to live to the max.”

How wrong is all this? The bible clearly states “for what shall a man profit if he gains the world but loses his soul.” As a Christian it’s imperative if not vital that we stay aware and seek discernment. Popular culture and our society will have you thinking that all these phrases and sayings are ok and harmless. To the contrary. We do not only live once. There is life after death. There is a kingdom that awaits us and mansions made for us. There are riches, and glory and unconditional love awaiting us in afterlife. It all depends on who you have made your God while here on Earth. 

Furthermore, if we want to dive into further thought or discussion on Y.O.L.O and want to believe you only live once then the seeds you planted while alive, will follow you into eternity, which, depending on how you choose to follow your beliefs is simply a continum of the present. 

God is the potter and you are the clay. The good work He began in you he will see through. It’s all a mystery though perhaps one that will not be seen or understood until we are in his prescence and glory and perhaps maybe even then he will still be molding us.

The truth is we must be alert, aware and attentive. You do not only live once. There is life after death and we must keep an eternal set mind in a temporal set world. Its upto us to lead others to the truth which is through the bible and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Let those who choose to believe they only live once believe what they may. As for us we will continue to follow the voice of God and not of a stranger. 


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