Our Home Does Not Celebrate Halloween

Halloween, the eve of all hallows, the night before All Saints Day, the most dreaded holiday for myself and many fellow Catholics and Christians alike. Halloween, it wasn’t always such a dreaded “holiday” for myself. As a child I remember going trick or treating with my extended family in the neighborhoods of Boston. I remember having family gatherings with batman returns, catwoman, spaghetti “worm” dinner, lollipop ghosts, surround sound of ghouls and ghoblins. Family parties consisted of costumes and bobbing for apples and biting for doughnuts. Halloween was never anything more than such a fun reason to dress up in costume and attend halloween parties thrown by our family, municipal building or area police stations. It meant going trick or treating for hours with pillow cases to see who could get the most candy and then emptying our candy on the kitchen table to have our parents check 2 or 3 small pieces of candy that we could eat before going to sleep. As a child halloween was fun and appeared innocent. It was a night for a little fright but more so for fun and creativity.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And now here I am, many years later as a mother of two, telling you that those childhood memories that I once had and once partook in, I will have no part in for my children. I hate halloween. Hate is such a strong word. Do I really hate it or do I simply despise it? No, I really hate it. I dread Halloween. I dread the month of October, so much so that I made sure my son was baptized before the month of October could even begin. I feel a low in my spirit every year upon approaching October. I can’t explain it I can only try to express it. 

When did I start hating halloween? When did I stop celebrating it? It happened when I began my real walk with Christ. It began when the Holy Spirit started to work in me and opened my eyes to what halloween was truly becoming. Regardless of my intent for celebrating it, the root for halloween remained. It had become a day for sadists to worship and make sacrafices to satan. A night meant for evil disguised in the innocent fun of going out and collecting candy. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I began researching halloween, what it was seen for before it became so evil. Halloween had been seen as a time when people dressed up as ghosts and goblins to scare off the evil spirits before all saints day. It was a tactic used to ward them off… fast forward to today. October, 2017.  Evil spirits are not scared off by humans dressing up as their own kind. To the contrary by celebrating halloween you are essentially saying with your spirit “I am open to supporting this day and all it stands for.” You see to understand this you must understand that the spiritual world does exists. Whether you believe it or not God does exist, the devil does exist, God’s angels exist and Satan’s demons do exists. To not believe such is to be ignorant of the word of God and all it says.

Halloween has become Satan’s day. Once I learned that sadists used this day to conduct animal and human sacrafices and desecrated the blessed Eucharist with acts of urination, orgies and the such, I simply could not in good faith continue to celebrate anything that dishonored God in such a way to give Satan power. No matter how innocent my children would be in solely dressing up and getting candy I could not as their mother and leader lead them astray to celebrate something that does not bring honor to God. I am responsible for the upbringing of my children and what we will honor and what we will uphold. I cannot give honor and uphold Halloween. I simply cannot.

Have I always kept this commitment? I would be lying if I would say that ever since the day the holy spirit opened my eyes that I never took my children trick or treating. Sadly that is not the truth. My son who is now four has gone trick or treating twice in his life. Once was the halloween before his first birthday. Another year was when we had visited some extended paternal family members during halloween. His first year he was a mere baby. The outing consisted of him, his father, my daughter and myself. I was done with halloween at that point but as requested by his father we took both children out to collect candy. Immediately I felt a drop in my spirit. I was going against my beliefs and my moral values. Walking through the dark neighborhoods to collect candy and ring bells to houses which I had never before visited just did not sit well. I recall to this day ringing the bell to a home in which all the lights were out with the exception of candles on the ground, where individuals sat on the floor on a mattress with just candles surrounding them. I believe to this day I had interupted what appeared to be a sayonce. I decided after that night that I would not celebrate going forward and I didn’t, not for my son or my daughter. That is until that second time my son went trick or treating at his extended aunt and uncle’s neighborhood. Once again this was due to the paternal influence. Though I don’t “blame” anyone I simply account this was how it came about and yet again I felt the drop in my spirit. I was being convicted. This was not right for me nor right for my son.

My daughter who is now 15 is much more understanding in regards to why I feel the way I do about halloween and how I teach her based on biblical principals. She grew up trick or treating and celebrating the day until I educated myself. As a teenager my concerns for her are still very real. I worry about what she is exposed to when she is with her friends or her extended family. As her mother I can’t be there every moment of everyday but I can do my best to teach her and warn her against evil spirits and dark forces, esspecially those that the bible points out such as witchcraft, psychics, tarot card readers, mediums and some not as directly stated such as halloween.

For my son the challenge is going against those that are not led by the Holy Spirit or those that lack education and/ or faith and are led by ignorance. I don’t care about the opinions of others in regards to how I raise my children and how I teach and lead them but this does not mean it is any easier. The influence that our society has on our children in this upside down world is something so strong that only God’s spirit can aid us in withstanding. Disney movies are full of the occult. Halloween parties and costumes entice and tempt our children. And yet that is one of the test. The devil lures with temptation. Temptation of candy and fun and costumes to distract from what is really occurring. The “yes” that you are saying to the spirit world by partaking in such activities. 

If our Lord has warned us to stay away from pagan holidays and to not give honor to anything outside of him then why do we give our attention, time or money to something that has no Godly presence or influence?

As an adult, I myself will not attend any haunted houses, factory of fear, spooky world, fright fest, costume parties or as I mentioned before anything of the nature. Demons are very real and terrifying. I do not find the desire to pay a venue or person to scare me (for lack of a better term) to hell appealing by any means. I can get scared enough reading testimonials of people and their near death experiences or those that have had experiences with the devil or demons or Hell. I don’t see reasoning in glamorizing and ridiculing something so dark and evil. 

Christ has won victory over the Devil yes and death has no bound now that Christ has overcome death, however this does not mean we should toy or take lightly anything of the spiritual world. It is our responsibility to be ecucated and to educate others.

Prior to this blog post I spent time discussing this very topic with my worship group. In doing my research I heard testimonies from former witches and sadists and those who once followed the occult who confirmed that the 31st of October is to give honor to Satan. Halloween practices begin five weeks prior to the 31st. Warnings to those who wish to still celebrate this evening stated that the darkest hours being the hours between 3am and 5am during which the most horrific and indescribable sacrafices are taking place.

If this blog post has not convinced or convicted you in ceasing your celebration of halloween or that of your children then I advise if not urge you to at least do your own research and study. Check out books, articles and youtube videos. Listen to testimonies from those freed from demonic oppression and so forth. Pray for guidance, wisdom, discernment from the Holy Spirit. Spend time in the word and ultimately listen to how God’s spirit leads you.

Is it easy to give up halloween? The truthful answer is yes and no. My children (not so much my 15 year old anymore) buy costumes to wear throughout the entire year as to play in. If they want candy I will go out and buy candy and in that sense it’s not so diffucult, they can play dress up and feed their sweet tooth. The challenges come with the peers and feeling as though one is “missing out”. For this reason it’s great to find like minded people so that your child(ren) doesn’t feel isolated or odd for not giving into societal norms. It’s also just as important to take this opportunity to teach our children to stand up for what is right and the beliefs and values we uphold regardless of how others see us. Some see us as fanatics, as taking this Jesus thing too far and sucking out the fun of life. What matters most is to whom your honor is going to and to whom you are leading your children and others towards.

So long as our focus remains on God his spirit will direct our steps and lead us to real, uplifting and pure fun.  Let us remain vigilant and receptive to his word this halloween, the next, the following and many more to come. Ignorance is bliss but truth is freedom.

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