The Coffee Shop -snipet 1

The coffee shop. She had spent quite some time in the coffee shop as of lately. Good conversations, literature and lattes and today was no exception. The artic wind had made it over to East coast just in time for the holiday weekend. Greetings of frost, iced roads and fallen snow blanketed the picturesque surroundings of the quaint Massachusetts suburban town. Drivers and pedestrians alike took caution in maneuvering the foot traffic over in the promenade and organic market. The perfect day to stay indoors and prepare for the coming holiday of our Savior’s birth. The perfect day to snuggle in front of a good movie with a delicious cup of marshmallow infused hot cocoa and the likings of fleece pajama pants and warm fuzzy socks. Not today. She primped herself up to encounter the world. On went the holly vibrant red lipstick, the imported fairy dust rose Japanese blush, the plush feather lined coat, the water resistant milk chocolate toned snowboots. The coffee shop, that was her destination. Parking her sedan she stepped out in the frigid rain to make her way through the crowd and greet her company. The next hour and a half would prove to be food for the soul through the simple act of engaging in stimulating and thought provoking conversation while sipping on a venti nonfat vanilla chai latte. 

It had become a simple and overlooked retreat of socializing and reflecting and pure enjoyment in those moments that captured her in the coffee shops. Some days she would sit by the window watching the raindrops glide against the window pane while seamlessly typing away to her hearts content on her computer or typing device. Other days she simply sat in observation of those eagerly and ferociously working on expense reports and analytical findings while anxiously sipping if not gulping on their coffee. Some days she would take out literature and lose herself in the words while simultaneously savoring the delicious flavoring of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices.

Today though she found herself cherishing the gift of time. The time to share and engage in the gift of friendship. The time that felt like a true gift as rarely did many people carve out time for such a time as this. The time that was shared in learning and growing, discussing and reflecting. 

With the year coming to an end shortly she graciously accepted this gift as the true essence of the holiday spirit. Sure, a new Tory Burch or YSL would be quite lovely to unwrap this Christmas. Of course a pair of diamond solitaires would be divine this year but in due time just as with anything else those items would depreciate in their luster and the next more appealing novelty would be awaiting. However, the gift of this latte, this effort, this time, on this cold December morning, well that was a true gift that would stay seeded in her heart. 

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