The Art of Discipline and Education

In order to truly master any discipline in life one must remain focused, dedicated and determined. In order to advance in the professional, corporate, public or private sector one must stand out and have the skills that sets you apart from the vast majority of others. In a world full of endless possibilities and opportunities what will set you apart from others will be rooted in your effort and consistency. There is alot of competition in this world but then again, there is not. What sets your “competition” apart or those you aspire to reach is their dedication and discipline. 

Education, it means so much in varying degrees. As a master’s educated professional woman I can tell you first hand how valuable an education is. Taking continuing education courses, attending webinars and seminars and tuning into podcasts will set the foundation for continual growth and development. As a life long learner I can attest that the continued efforts of reading, researching and reflecting play a vital role in our own personal advancement however it must remain a continued effort. 

If we solely relie on the school system to educate us then we miss out on valuable lessons and life experience. What sets successful individuals apart is their dedication and discipline. They must be dedicated enough to their goal and disciplined enough to see it through. Discipline means eliminating the wasted time on television and social media and spending that time reading, learning and developing and/or perfecting your skills. It is the difference between the child that attends school and then returns home to leisurely enjoy “down time” in front of the television versus the child that returns home to learn an instrument or study art or work on a science project. If we wait for our schools to educate us or our children then we will fail. 

The reality is society is being dumbed down by garbage television, detestable music and stupidity inducing social media. As a collective society we spend so much time wasted on Facebook statuses, Instagram fame and Snapchat filters. Don’t get me wrong these are great tools for communication however only so when used wisely. Time spent idlelessly scrolling online could be better used to learn a new skill, be it a new recipe, a new hobby or hidden talent.

The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who don’t lie in preparedness. Preparing yourself and continuously striving to better yourself is a vital necessity in meeting those goals. What you do outside of your school time/work time are the factors that will determine where you will go in life and how quickly or how slowly you will get there. It comes down to educating yourself and mastering the necessary in order to set yourself apart.

Never stop learning, never stop growing and never impede your own growth. Master the art of discipline, educate yourself and truly mark your small successes in due time you will recognize the changes within your new self and your former self. Changes that will set you apart.

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