Tips on Successfully Closing Out The Year

As we embark on a new season and a new year filled of marvelous possibility and change I wanted to share a few tips on sucessfully closing out the current year that you can implement this very week as we are transitioning into the new year or as a jump start in the coming year. Though these are not the end all and be all of tips, I do find that they are beneficial in reflecting and reinventing for the upcoming year.
Tip number one:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This tip ties in very well with previous blog posts on minimalizing and the benefits of such. If you’re not familiar with previous blog posts I have shared on the topic of minimalism then allow me to take moment to share a few key points. Minimalism is the intentionality of reducing (minimalizing) one’s belongings in an effort to only own what you feel is valuable, beautiful and worthy. It means eliminating belongings that no longer fit into your aesthetics or are damaged or of no use and clearing that space for new air to flow. It is the act of freeing yourself from owning things that in reality own you without merit. By reducing the clutter and repurposing or recycling you are psychologically freeing yourself from being tied to possessions that quite honestly have no place in your life and by donating or selling these items you are giving them another chance and hopefully also reducing your carbon footprint.

Tip number two: Attend confession, do some soul searching, spend time in the word. We confess so we are not weighed down by the sins of our fallen human nature. It takes courage and strength to confess. Confessing takes an inflated ego to a state of humility. Confessing, releases the shackles of bondage and reconciles us to God, our creator. This tip calls for soul searching, spending time in God’s word and presence in order to end the year filled with His presence and begin the upcoming year with His blessings. Time spent in the word and with the Lord is never time wasted and is quite frankly the best investment that you may make.

Tip number three: organize. This tip ties in with tip number one in reducing the clutter and eliminating the unnecessary however once the first steps have been taken it’s only natural to organize. Organization skills can make or break goals. By taking time to develop an organizational system that works you will see how smoothly your life can be ran. By taking time to organize your clothing, shoes, jewelry, kitchen, pantry, office etc., you will be more at ease hence have less stress in your life, and let’s be honest, stress is one factor that we could all do without, most especially the kind of stress that is avoidable. Take the time and organize in whatever preferred manner that you choose. It will be the difference between “smooth operation” and “epic fail” for the year.

Tip number four: Set at least 3 goals with intentionality. If your not familiar with goal setting see my archived post on S.M.A.R.T. goal planning. By setting 3 goals before the start of the new year you are already training your thoughts on progression and positivity and to hold drive and determination. These don’t have to be big goals, though they could be. Goals as simple as drinking enough water daily or cutting on your caffeine or sugar intake or reading scripture daily etc., are goals just to get your mind thinking ahead and towards the tangible change you would like to see within yourself and your life.

Tip number five: reevaluate friendships and relationships. If you are growing then you are changing and if you’re not outgrowing some friendships then you might not be growing. Take the time to evaluate those you are vested in and make sure they are individuals who will contribute and enhance your life by simply being in it. If not then cut and eliminate and continue forth in the journey of friends and relationships that God has planned for you.

Tip number six: clean out your inbox, unsubscribe to the junk, whether it’s junk mail, spam or monthly trashy tabloid subscriptions. Time to end with clean space and clean air.

Tip number seven: practice self care. Before the year ends setup your physical, dental and other medical appointments for the coming year. Make sure you address any areas of concern. Stock up on vitamins and treat yourself to a day at the spa. Taking care of yourself is key in ending and beginning a new year in success.

Tip number eight: treat yourself. Whether it’s a delishious meal out, social event, night on the town, shopping expedition or a hot bubble bath with champagne. Take the time to treat yourself well before the year comes to a close.

Tip number nine: do a kind gesture, pray for a local, global and personal issue. This is what it means to trust in God and pay it forward. Before the year ends and/or the new year begins take the time to do something for someone else, for your community and the greater scan scale of things. Even if starting in the smallest area, take a step back and give it to God and let God be God.

Tip number ten: celebrate. This also goes hand in hand with tip number eight. Whether this was a challenging year or a smooth year, celebrate the gift life.  Celebrate the lessons learned and challenges overcome and celebrate yourself for perseverance. Life is challenging but by celebrating the little moments and having acknowledgment and gratitude we can decide to focus on our best life for now in our current state of being.

I hope these tips inspire you on reflecting on another year of life and closing out the year successfully. Every day is a gift from God, what we do with it is our gift to Him.

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