Every Day Matters

Today I thought about yesterday only I couldn’t remember yesterday, at least not detail for detail. Today I thought about last week, only last week seems like just yesterday and spontaneity of life often feels too far and few inbetween. Today I thought about last month, last year, the last decade, how many broken moments, how many joyous occasions. Today and for many days now I felt a gentle tug in my heart. Today matters, every day matters. Did I do everything right today? No. Probably not. I was late getting into the office this morning. I definitely slacked (more like slashed) on my nutrition. I gave no mind to physical exercise. I gave in to laziness and spent more than 45 minutes watching pointless beauty videos and didn’t spend an hour reading the word of God like I could have or listening to an edifying podcast or watching televised daily mass. But that’s ok. Today is just today.

But today is a new day and every day matters. Our lives will never be perfect but still everyday matters. Everyday we have the opportunity to do better, to be better. No two days are ever the same and yet so many live their lives as is everyday is the same. Everyday matters. If we do our tasks at hand and do our best work and work as if unto the Lord and not unto man then everyday will matter and will be blessed with purpose and intention. If I did my best yesterday and the day before and the day before that one then I am building a solid habitual foundation on which to grow from. Some of our most special, incredible and developmental moments will come from everyday life. Sure a birthday is a joyous occasion as is Christmas and New Years and vacationing and traveling. Those are moments as well that propel growth and memories and experiences but if we wait to live our lives for the big moments then we miss the bigger picture for the life we have been called to live.

Washing the dishes, that matters. Giving to a friend in need, that matters. Lifting up a stranger from troubles, that matters. Giving what few dollars you have in your pocket for someone who could use your help, that matters. Knowing that I taught my children one new thing or listened to their concerns or simply read story or laughed or gave advice, that matters. Praying today for concerns that I have for my children’s tomorrows, praying for my enemies (even though I would rather not), talking to God throughout the day or asking to feel and be led by His spirit, that matters.

I was wiping down my stove earlier and God told me “every day matters”. It’s not just in your joyous occasions or your most heartbreaking occasions but even in the most trivial and mundane routine moments that God is with us. That even while I wipe down the counters and tidy up the first floor that God asks that I allow Him to wipe down my soul so He may tidy up the compartments of my inner home. 

You see, every day matters because everyday is an opportunity to draw close to God so He may draw close to you. Every day is the opportunity to use your nicest attire, your finest china, your preferred powders and lotion. Every day is an opportunity to tell your children that you love them, to defend a friend in need, to cover yourself in prayer.

Every day is in one essence though not perfect but somewhat perfect because everyday His love overshadows the world’s imprefections. Every day I am blessed to to be around my amazing children, my motivated colleagues and supported by a phenomenal church, be it those in my community or those in the larger scale of my community serving God in the world. And because every day matters I invite you to take the time to reflect and meditate on how this given day can be more purposeful and intentional. Don’t worry about yesterday or think forward to tomorrow. Let’s focus on today, on this one particular and specfic day because today is just today and today is everyday and every day matters.

3 thoughts on “Every Day Matters

  1. Such a beautiful reminder, especially with the coming of the new year when we tend to focus on long-term, years-from-now plans. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, and as such we need to remember to live to the fullest for God today. Thank you ❤

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