Sharing Your Goals, Protecting Your Dreams

It’s the start of a new year, the start of new possibilities, new encounters, new hopes, journeys and goals. 2018; I am sure this will be a year of new triumphs for many of us. Of course we will also encounter trials, as trials are a part of our human existence and steppingstones in our own personal growth and development. As always the start of the new year brings about a new founded sense of self reflection and perspective. It’s the time that we collectively look forward to the endless possibilities and what we may implement in our lives for the coming year.

As someone who likes (rather needs) to have a sense of direction in life and to feel that I am making progress in my own personal growth I took the time to sit down with my new agenda, my calendar and a blank of sheet of paper to ponder and jot down the changes that I would truly like to implement in my life for the year 2018. I pondered the dreams and aspirations that I have on the back burner that stir deep within my soul and just how I can make this year different than the last. I find that writing down my goals and aspirations and placing them in eye’s sight aids in my focus and determination. And so I did just that. I wrote out my goals for the year. I taped them on the door to my daily wardrobe. I also typed the list and saved it as a memo in my smart phone. I took an additional step and took a photograph of the handwritten list and saved it as a screensaver on my phone. 2017, I persevered and took my self care and internal healing as presidence above all. I was blessed to have made beautiful memories with my children and with newfound friendships and was blessed to experience soulful moments that I will relish in for a lifetime. And so while many are happy to see that 2017 has came and gone, I, myself am thankful to God for the opportunities that my children and I were blessed with; the memories, travels and lifetime moments. I appreciate all that 2017 had to offer because I know that it has brought me to a step closer to becoming the woman that God is calling me to be. Even the bad stood to aid me in my own personal growth and development.

And now 2018 will have equally valuable moments, memories and travels that just await to be unfolded in their own timing. In acknowledging this and being hopeful for the best and having a focus it is imperative that we write down our goals, that we visualize them, that we speak them into existence, that we pray and thank God for them as if we have already received them. Thank God for the blessings that we ask for in advance as our faith can move mountains. These doings will all set us in the positive direction in our successes and achievements. One thing that I caution against is sharing your goals, sharing your dreams and sharing your hopes with others.

In the year 2015 I was interviewed by Fox columnist and renowned author Isa Adney for an upcoming book that she is currently to date working on. The book she stated is based on dreams; dreams achieved, dreams deffered, dreams in the works, dreams deeply embedded within us. Isa interviewed me on my experiences as a first generation Latina graduate and my experiences attending the Harvard University Latino Leadership Initiative. The question at hand that I share with you all today was on sharing your goals and hopes and dreams with others. As I stated then and I stand by today I caution against sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations with just anyone. In a world full of so much greed, hate, darkness and envy I believe that it is critical that we use discernment in choosing who we share our goals and aspirations with. I have personally learned that when I share my goals and aspirations with the world that they seldom come to pass. However when I work diligently and silently my successes then speak for themselves. It is imperative that we guard and protect what we deem most valuable, what may be considered most vulnerable in the incorrect hands. For this reason I seldom ever share what I am aspiring towards in detail with anyone. I do believe in sharing with individuals that will believe in you and encourage you, hold you accountable and assist you but again I believe that these individuals should be those that will serve the role as mentors in seeing you achieve your goals.

Too often I see people use social media platforms and statuses to write how they are implementing changes and what they plan to achieve and too often I see their dreams get crushed or their followthrough depleted. Too often I see individuals post such things to get the praise of others but then not remain authentic to their calling. In my personal experience, even in sharing my goals with my own family, I was meant with skepticism or less than enthusiastic encouragement. Many times I was even told that I would not achieve certain goals and then fed with much negativity that the reality became what I was fed. Yet on the occasions that I found myself seeking professional mentors, those whom I had established a solidified relationship with I was encouraged and uplifted and supported in my achievements.

I also believe that in celebrating our successes that we should always celebrate on a intimate personal level before inviting others in to celebrate with us. While it is nice to have others celebrate with us and recognize our achievements it will mean nothing if we are dependent on their enthusiasm or lack thereof because we will be a slave to their opinion, to their recognition and if anything we know that those who cheer for your crowing today may be shouting for your beheading tomorrow. Am I being too negative? Perhaps. However life has taught me the reality of what is out there. While the world is full of beauty and wonder it is also full of darkness and hurt. Our dreams, our goals, our aspirations are beacons of hope instilling a shining light within our soul. They are gifts and talents placed by our creator and therefore are closes to our heart and should be regarded in such regard. 2018 will be a year of wonderful growth. It will be a year of precious memories and breathtaking moments and while I may on occasion share tidbits of my goals on the smaller scale, I personally will let my successes speak for themselves.

May we make our moves in silence and let success make our noise.

One thought on “Sharing Your Goals, Protecting Your Dreams

  1. I make the mistake All The Time of sharing newborn ideas, goals, and aspirations with my family and am also met with skepticism and–at best–mild approval. It has too often deterred me from pursuing a dream, when I let their opinions dash the excitement I’d felt over my new beginnings, so I really appreciated your similar perspective and advice on this ❤︎

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