The Elegance of Simplicity

It was a beautiful Summer morning in the outskirts of Boston. I threw on my specialty boutique soft pink sweetheart brunch dress and headed to one what would become one of the simplest yet most elegant and enjoyable memories of 2017.

The winery. It would become such a novelty; a prized treasure among my list of favorites. The Heavens could not have agreed more as the weather was absolutely perfect; breathtaking to say the least. The company ideal, the conversation devine. Brunch; class and sophistication met in an enchanting cottage like setting. The patio, overseeing the luscious greenery of the grounds gave picturesque views to this scenic hidden jewel. The breeze flowed ever so gently and we began our brunch in prayer. How beautiful and serene the simplicity of it all. How precious those hours became in part of how I would look back on my year. Dishes surpassing expectations, wines, cheeses and delicacies to please any palette. 

From that day forward the vineyard would become a destination, a location of stimulating conversations, interactions and engagements. It would become a getaway from the routine, an escape into nature. An eclectic timelessness that captured the essence of the simplicity and luxury which is, the elegance of life.

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