Becoming a Woman (or Man) With A Plan

Maybe it’s my type A personality that insists on the demands of being a woman with a plan. Perhaps it’s alluded to being a single mother and needing to ensure stability and security in my life and the lives of my children. Just maybe it is because I need vision, because without vision, without a plan or a sense of direction or a path to follow I will perish. Perish? Well, yes. Perhaps not literally, no, definitely not literally but a part of me will perish. This part of me that is filled with hope for the upcoming year and all the possibilities it has to offer. A woman with a plan. I must say I do to a small extent envy those that live care-free, the free spirited individuals that just plan impromptu travels and jump off cliffs into cascading waterfalls and tropical waters; individuals who don’t think twice about how the bills will be paid but make sure that they will enjoy and savor every moment of life. I however will never be that type of woman or at least not in the foreseeable future and I am okay with that. I am okay with my type A personality. I am okay with the fact that I operate at my fullest potential when I have a plan A, a plan B and perhaps a plan C and I am grateful. Grateful and thankful to God that he guides me and always provides for me when my plan A, plan B and plan C fail.

We have all heard the saying ” If you want to humor God tell him your plans”. There have probably been numerous times, countless times in our lives when God created plans and opportunities without our insistence, without us even knowing the amazing experiences and twists and turns that would take us on our next journey of life. There have also been times in which we may have planned out our steps detail by detail. “If we do this we will find happiness.” “If we do that we will find success.” The truth is that establishing our plans without first asking God can just lead to time wasted. Time wasted in investing on individuals with whom we should have never invested in. Time wasted on courses and classes that don’t fulfill the greater purpose for our lives. We may have also wasted time in our lives by not having a plan, by just going with the flow and seeing what is to come, be it in career moves, relationships, friendships, financial investments, whatever the case may be. And so we reach a point in life in which we have to have a plan because without a plan we may have no vision and without vision we may feel no purpose but also in knowing that our plans may not be in accordance with God’s plans and coming to terms with the fact that we must learn to trust in God when our plans don’t go according to our desires. Trust is hard. Trust is challenging and questionable. I can’t wholeheartedly say I always trust God. I mean that is the honest truth and I can assume that many if not all of us will encounter hardships in our lives in which we will question if God is really for us. So while our plans may not always succeed in the ways that we wish and we hope we can only lean into our faith and have hope and trust in the Lord whose plans surpass our own.

With that being the case I choose to be a woman with a plan with the assistance of God and to continue forth until God intervenes in my plans. In planning out 2018 I wanted to share a couple of tips that have helped me in the past and that I will again implement this year.

#1 Use a planner, plan out your special events, holidays, vacations etc. Plan out your daily and weekly and monthly intentions.

#2 Pay ahead. I’ve decided to delve back into the world of academia in a nontraditional sense. For this reason I took it upon myself to enroll myself in courses ahead of time so that the commitment has already been made. Personally this meant planning ahead with my finances for when I would be able to cover these expenses based on when I would receive monetary gifts and cash allotments that were heir-marked for such. I realize many do this as well for gym memberships by signing up and paying you owe it to yourself to attend. What I have seen too often are individuals paying for memberships that they fail to even attend. Don’t fall victim to such.

These two tips did wonders for me last year and the year prior. By booking and paying my vacations in advance I ensured that I would take the time to get away with my children and leave the workload and worries behind. By inviting God into my journey and into my plans God made the excursions take place when I needed them most. By having faith and vision and hope I was able to take actual action steps in conquering personal challenges and victories that perhaps only God knows about. Paying the expenses up front ensured that I would not use that money for other necessary but less intentional things. By using a planner I remained focused and eager and excited for what was to come. By having a plan I created a vision. 

I pray everyday that the Holy spirit will give me the vision that God has for me in my life and to learn to lean in and trust in him.

Only eight days into the year and this blogpost is a part of that vision and the conviction in my heart. The best is yet to come.




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