Who Are You Listening To?

Who are you listening to? Who is influencing your mind, your habits, your lifestyle? Who are you allowing to plant seeds of uncertainty, discord, pride or envy within your heart? Who are you permitting to impede your personal growth and development? Who are you allowing to put falsified doctrine in your heart and in your mind?

This world is full of many voices. The volume is so amplified in chaos and contradictions that we can’t hear. We can’t understand. Opinions are a dime in a dozen and public persona and influence are the driving force. Have a thought to share? Post it on Twitter or Facebook or WiFi status update. Want to show people you’re living well? Let’s take pictures and post them on every social media outlet available. Build your brand. Build yourself and then share it with the world. We all have insight. We all have perspective. We’re all creators of our own lives. Wrong.

The concept of being able to share, inform and educate the masses through the tool of social media is without a doubt a tool for the continuation and global expansion of communication and one that unlike any other. There are endless videos and movies to stream, podcast galore and websites to spark an interest for any and every personality and the question remains… “who are you listening to?” Every single person on this planet has an opinion, an opinion about life, health, love, career, family, God, you name it. Not all those opinions are based on fact. Not all of them are based on morality and values. Not all of them are healthy.

Individuals sway. We are learning. We are growing. We are adapting, hence our opinions will change. Hence why it’s dangerous to listen to just anyone for true advice or opinion. Half the time people don’t even know what they are talking about. Half the time people claim conclusions based on the limited information or the limited perception they have on a given subject matter.

It astonishes me how individuals give their opinions based on limited information, hearsay or self constructed scenarios in their mind. Their opinion is murky, not stable and unreliable as it is not whole and full. It is not truth.

With the world at our fingertips and the amount of time we spend on social media we are in a constant battle to process information rapidly and store it in its respective place. We form assumptions and biases based on our own lifelong experiences. We form opinions, which may or may not be true.

In a vulnerable moment the wrong words expressed to us may have a ripple effect on our lives. In mastering the art of observation we see just how fickle individuals can be. One day they believe this. The next day they believe that. One day they’re telling you you are not good enough. The next day they are praising your worth. Be wary of such individuals and where you place them in your life.

In mastering the art of observation you allow time,words, actions and wholeness to align. One day what is in style is going out of style. One day a law put into effect is being repealed. What was once considered moral is now considered immoral. What was once wrong is now right and where you fall in with your beliefs and acceptance or non acceptance may make all the difference.

Who you go to for advice and guidance makes a difference. Who you seek in your circle and for support makes a huge difference. Words or lack of words have an astounding effect. My question is “who are you listening to”? Who are you allowing access to your mind and heart? What voice is planting seeds of doubt or ego in your life? The only voice I want to hear is the one of God, the Holy Spirit sent by God. It is the only voice with all certainty, confidence and truth. It is the only voice that knows all. Though the Earth may pass, God will always remain God.

So today when you run to a friend or acquaintance for their opinion or input or advice or guidance ask yourself ” whose voice do they listen to?” and then master the art. The art of observation.

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