But I Want Something “Cool”

It was a casual Monday evening. I had just finished cooking a very low key dinner for my children and I and decided to retreat to the living room to spend the remainder of my evening catching up on my readings for my consecration class. “Baby, bring mami her purse” I stated to my son. “I have a gift for you”. He ran eagerly to the hallway where my black MK tote was located. “What is it, what is it?” He asked while jumping up and down barely able to contain his excitement. “Go get your sister. I have a gift for you and your sister.” I stated. “I want to see, I want to see” he exclaimed. I reached into my purse and pulled out the matching MK wallet. I unzipped the outer shell and began unzipping the inner compartment. My son stood hovering over in curiosity. I reached in and pulled out a Blessed Saint Benedict medal and handed it to him. His expression died down, his enthusiasm diminished. “I wanted something cool” he cried out and returned his attention to the television and toys.

Something cool? Something cool? What is not cool about a Saint Benedict medal? A medal that Catholic, Protestants and even non-Christians have implemented in utilizing in their daily lives. The Saint Benedict medal is the “most highly indulgences medal in the Catholic Church. When the exorcism blessings are applied by a Benedictine priest, the medal has power over evil: storms, poisons, pestilence, the devil’s legions etc. You must use the medal by calling down the intercession of Saint Benedict. On many feast days of our Lord, the blessed mother, the apostles, and many saints, it is possible to gain a plenary or a partial indulgence by carrying or wearing the medal; invoking the intercession of Saint Benedict; and, praying for the abolishment of heresy. While blessing the Saint Benedict medal, the priest places the exorcism blessing of Saint Benedict and Saint Maurus on the medal. Saint Maurus is a great Benedictine Saint. Saint Benedict is called the father of western monasticism. Through his rule of morality there developed the western, European, monastic tradition of teaching.”-Rose Scapular Co

The very fact that this blessed medal can ward off evil by the blessings bestowed on it and that one can gain plenary or partial indulgences by simply wearing it and invoking the intercession of Saint Benedict is truly a blessing from God. You see, we have so many tools that the Lord gifts us in this spiritual walk and this journey of life. Tools that sadly many don’t know about, see as a superstition or could care less about.

Granted my son is only five years old and his innocence is one of a pure soul. Though he may not understand the benefits of this medal he will one day surely be taught and perhaps at that point this will be “cool”. This small interaction and reaction provoked my thinking in just how “uncool” or burdensome we see the things of God. Certainly he would have thought a superhero figurine or a speedy toy race car or something of that nature would have been cool. For sure a shiny new toy or a brand new novelty would catch his eye. After all he is a child and that’s what children like. But what about us? What about us adults? While there’s nothing wrong with liking a new fancy “toy” or a new flashy “novelty” what about when we prefer those things to the things of God?

I would love a larger bathroom. I would love a vanity that I could sit in front of when applying my lotions or brushing my hair or perfecting a challenging “smoky eye”. It would be lovely to display my bottles of fragrances and lotions and designer makeup brushes. And while there is nothing wrong with this at all it got me thinking. How many beauty gurus and makeup artists are there on social media promoting this very luxury that I would like to have?

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

How many own such lovely and elaborate amenities within their homes and yet how many in home chapels or sanctuaries do we see? How many have a designated room or corner or even just chair for prayer and reflection?

(Photo credit: Pintrest)

It really made me think of just how beautiful and simple of a true treasure it is for those pure in heart to desire such a thing, to desire the things of God, the spirit of God and the relationship with God.

Our society is backwards but it’s because we live in such a society that we see the the way of God backwards rather than the other way around. For this is all we know. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. There is nothing wrong in caring for the external but the internal is often an after thought. Let us remember that not all that shimmers is gold.

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