The Need For R&R

There is an undeniable need to revitalize one’s life and rejuvenate one’s self on a periodic basis. The need often fulfilled by time off and time away. Time off from work and other obligations or responsibilities. Time away from the constant draining demands of our lives and hectic schedules. Time to just savor the moments and not live so much by a schedule or agenda.

June, mid to late June…we’re actually here. A midway point to 2018. Typically many of us take the time to review the goals that we had set out of ourselves for the course of the entire year. Many of us will reassess and redetermine what really matters for the continuation and remainder of the year and what no longer is important or holds significance in our lives. Vision continues to be imperative in the outcome that we’d like to see for the close of the year. That being said some of us will have lost our drive and motivation and determination. We may have lost our vision. We may be stuck in the rut of daily life. It may seem that life is just a routine of monotonous habits, behaviors and practices but it does not have to be that way.

If you find yourself relating to this post just know that these are temporary feelings and circumstances and that life does not have to remain that way. Taking time to reset and finding ways to rest and relax or rejuvenate and revitalize will help transition the mind and release the self limiting and loathing thoughts that we may hold as truth in our life. Now that the warmer weather has graced our nation and most countries generally speaking we have more freedom to move about in the outdoors and enjoy the gift of nature. Resetting doesn’t only relate to taking a holiday or costly excursion but can be done so perhaps a car ride or bus fare away.

Simply taking time to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life such as a day at the beach with a good book or a stroll around a botanical garden with a quality camera or even just a luxurious lunch with picturesque views can do wonders for your mind and soul. Simply breaking the routine and going for a hike after work mid week or exploring a nearby city or cafe can create a neurological spark and trigger feelings of nostalgia or new found hope and excitement. If only we implemented one new thing daily we could experience small tokens of inspiration and motivation.

Often times, and I am no exception to the rule, June brings about a sense of relief but also uncertainty. Schools are out. Many children and adults are graduating from one educational level to the end. The fiscal year is closing and we realize that the hard work we have put in will now be compartmentalized for this moment in time and the next adventure awaits for us. Only for some of us, most especially as adults we may not have the next step planned out.

For myself this June will commemorate the hard work I put in with implementing my management project for the state. A project that was about 9 months in the works will now be celebrated, recognized and compartmentalized. A five month course I did in preparation of my consecration has been ceremoniously celebrated and acknowledged. There will be weddings, babyshowers, preschool graduations, excursions and yet with all of this positivity still something missing. Perhaps vision for what is to come. Perhaps a decline in motivation or inspiration. Perhaps like many of you just living the montonomy of life. And so I share this post in relation to many of you and as a reminder that we are cocreators of our lives. We are copilots in this journey and we can choose to get out of the rut no matter how challenging it may be. It starts with one step, one activity and one vision. Every single day.

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