A New Day

The best thing about a new day is a new opportunity. It is a fresh start. A new beginning. A revitalization. Every day is a new beginning so long as you believe, however not everyday will feel like a new day. Some days will feel like the same day over and over and over again. The key to a fresh start is to regroup and refocus. It means taking time to organize your life and your mind but also taking time to just have fun. A new day will often come days after the monotony has been broken. Days after a new routine has been established, days after rest and calm.

In seeing the current circumstances of the world; the government attacks in Nicaragua, the rebuilding of Puerto Rico, the chains of suicides and homicide and street brutalities it gives greater meaning of the opportunity and gift of a new day. While you take your first stretch and yawn of the morning someone else somewhere else is taking their last breath. While we groan about not taking the best and top grade vacation and excursion someone else is struggling in a very real way to stay alive.

Let us take this new day as a gift as a day of work but also leisure and rest and enjoyment. Let us remember all those who suffer in silence but also out loud and let us give thanks for he gifts that we do have. For the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. Let us rejoice in the blessing of this one and particular new day and remember those who may have not made it to this new day. May those who have gone before us rejoice in the mystery of death of everlasting love and everlasting love in the mercy and greatness of God.

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