Do You Have Vision?

Do you have vision? Can you see? How perfect is your vision? Is it 20/20?

Vision. Do you have it? My contacts are about to come out and my glasses may or may not go on depending if I plan on going to sleep right after this posting and though my physical vision is corrected by these prescriptions I was still suffering greatly in my vision. I couldn’t see myself beyond my current circumstances.

I listened to a Christian podcast a few days ago in which the speaker stated that she didn’t believe nor create five or ten year plans rather her plan was to take one step after the other and follow in the path of the Lord each day as if it were the only day that mattered. I learned from that and appreciate and respect that but if you’ve read any of my other posts then you know it’s in my nature to have a plan. Even if just a blueprint, having a sense of direction brings calm and clarity into my life.

I lost my vision. I lost my drive and motivate and started asking God what is my mission? What is my purpose and I’m always drawn back to help others by sharing my experiences and encouraging and promoting the importance of an education. In my current role with the government I’m not able to do as much as I am as a private consultant and so this began taking away my drive, motivation and purpose.

But it’s been there tucked deep inside. I have a vision. Not a dream but a vision. One that I have shared bits and pieces but typically protect for fear that I may not succeed, that it may not come to pass, that I may disappoint myself. But today I shared the vision- out of all places on social media because I do believe that this hope and goal and vision are planted there by God and that He does have a plan and if God has a plan no one and nothing will interfere with the will and grace of God. I just have to trust and have faith and so do you.

So tonight I shared my vision with the world (well my subscribers and followers) and now I share it with you all.

Because sharing a vision is just the first step. The next is believing in God and making it reality.

Vision. Do you have it?

One thought on “Do You Have Vision?

  1. Get in the the word of God read with a heart seeking to please God to strengthen the foundation of this vision you have. With wisdom less talking is good. As one preacher would say “work it until it work’. I know what setback are like I know it is like to have destiny kill living under the same roof. It is the Lord’s mercy we are not consumed so my friend always give God thanks thank him for His son Jesus Christ. I decree the glory and the blessing of the Living God upon your vision and no power shall stand in your way.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus and do not look on circumstances around you.
    REMEMBER I too need encouragement. Let us encourage each other unto success for the glory of God.

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