It’s Harvest season and I mean this in the most biblical sense of the word. In reality here in Massachusetts and across our Nation in general harvest will soon be approaching. Autumn is quickly beginning and so too will be the season for apple picking, pumpkin picking, Thanksgiving dinner and so forth. Harvest. Crops will be tilled and corn stalks pulled, squashes and yams hauled and wheat and yeast mended. Harvest, because what was sowed will be reaped, will be harvested. What was planted and nourished and tended to will finally come to full fruition. Those mystery seeds… we will finally see. What has planted long before the harvest? What was sowed in the Earth?

You will reap what you sow. If we are blessed enough we too will see first hand our own harvest. The harvest in our lives, in our hearts, our families, careers, education and so forth. We too will reap what we sow. Some individuals refer to this as “karma”. As Christians we refer to it as God’s law as the Bible states that we will reap what we sow. We will see the consequences of the decisions we have made in life. We will see the outcome of what we have given to others, to God and to ourselves in our lives at the Harvest.

This season of Harvest I have personally been blessed enough to see the fruits of what I have sown. Moments that the enemy would plan for humiliation and hostility have instead given me the opportunity to extend and exude class and grace. Years of studying and sacrifice for the security of a graduate degree have now opened opportunities for advancement and personal growth and development. Prayers said day in and day out have finally brought comfort to my heart. How long have I been sowing? Day in and day out. Each and every day, week after week, month after month. Year after year. It takes work, sacrifice, vision and determination. More than that, it takes wisdom and discernment. I’ve planted some bad crops in the past. Sure. I’ve wasted time and money on things of little to no value. Actually truthfully on people and things that did worse than not add value to my life but also depleted my life. They came and took trust, time, effort and care and failed to reciprocate it and in the end I was left empty. I’ve wasted days and time wanting what someone else had but failing to make the sacrifices to achieve such or even worse failing to see that I could admire it as their blessing but remained focused on recognizing my own. I’ve planted bad crops by knowing what the word of God requests of me or precautions me against but still choosing to do things my way. In the end I reaped what I sowed. I reaped the havoc and chaos and turmoil that could have been avoided. This Harvest I see the fruits. The fruits that God says we can be judged on. Fruits of the spirit.

Fruits from years of sacrifice and studying. Do you want a career change? Have you invested into your own personal development and education. Have you worked on yourself? It took me years and time to earn the level of education that i have now, especially as a single mother but you know what? The sacrifice and hard work was worth it as I’m now able to reap the rewards of seeking out career advancement or even being able to discuss the potential opportunity of obtaining my doctorates degree. Had I not developed the discipline and consistency in continuing forth one day at a time then I wouldn’t be able to reap what I am reaping today. Had I given up when things became challenging and overwhelming then I wouldn’t have the benefit of even seeking advanced opportunities. I continued to sow day in and day out and that’s how life is. It’s one decision after the after and it’s the commitment to the decision and to the vision that keeps it in motion. No one can live your life for you. No one can make those gut wrenching and thought provoking decisions for you. Regardless of the challenge we must continue forth sowing our seeds and reaping our harvest and when we least expect it we will see if sown properly a harvest of abundance, grace and love.

One thought on “Harvest

  1. I always believed in you and you impacted my life in a way that my thinking is different. I know God put you In my walk of life for a reason. Though I’m not perfect I know the path and everyday I do my best to stay on. I hope that one day we meet again on different roads but the same path. I’m proud of the mother and woman you are. God Bless you always.


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