Choosing Contentment Does Not Equate Choosing Complacency

What if you could choose to be totally happy, totally satisfied and totally fulfilled in this given moment regardless of whatever current trials or tribulations you may be enfacing? What if you could choose to be relaxed and confident that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? What if you could choose to be content without the fear of being complacent? The truth is you can. You can choose to be content in this very moment. You have the permission and liberty to savor this given moment for what it is without fear or worry to focus on the next given moment, the next goal, the next conquest.

Though life will certainly always throw its challenges you have the will to choose how you will react to it. There is a well known quote which states that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you choose to react to it. Is it easy to smile through the hardships? No. It’s not easy. By no means am I implicating that you choose to smile and be content when there is a tragedy or when facing one’s own rock bottom. By no means am I asserting that one should be content when there is abuse or addictions or strongholds. Though I believe and I know that every choice regardless of our age will have a direct or indirect consequence which will echo in our lives and the lives of those whom we love. I also believe that if we invite God into our mess that He can make a message out of it. Contentment is a choice. It is a choice to give gratitude and honor to our higher being regardless of our circumstances. It is a choice to put our trust and dependency on God. It is a choice to be satisfied and fulfilled in that given moment with the blessings that we do have, Contentment is a form of praise. Does contentment mean that I won’t aspire to advance, to grow, to do better? No. We always should be striving and working towards advancement and growth and development. But we shouldn’t lose sight of how far we have come and celebrate it and rest in it rather than rushing it in conquest of our next attainment.

Just this past weekend I had the privilege of getting together with an advisor who also happens to be a friend and realtor. I hadn’t seen her in years and so we planned to meet for tea at a local pastry shop. The meeting was primarily to discuss where I am in this given moment and where I would like to be in the next 3-5 years. She being a real estate agent a part of our meeting was also to discuss purchasing my first home as has been a goal of mine’s for some time but not an immediate goal as I value education above anything else and reside in a very affluent town so my children my obtain a very high standard of education, a town in which the cost of a moderate 3 bedroom one family house goes for no less than 575k. Clearly I am not ready, Not ready to leave this town as my daughter is completing high school and not financially ready to enroll my son into a private school if needed once I do leave this town. And I am okay with that. Okay with working on my credit, saving a little when I can and keeping that a goal. Do I get apprehensive regarding this goal? Yes and no. While rents in Massachusetts continue to sky rocket I know what I pay in rent is comparable to what someone else pays for a mortgage and as much as I am not okay with that in other ways I am as I love the area of Metrowest of Boston that I reside in as well as the fact that the school system is rated among the highest in the state. What my fear is complacency. Feeling that since I am content that perhaps I will become complacent and ten years from now still be paying rent and making some landlord richer and my pockets slimmer.

But contentment does not equate complacency. Sometimes our goals will take longer, sometimes they will take a detour and sometimes they will change all together and that’s okay. Its okay to be happy in this moment and smile and breathe and enjoy and relax before jumping right into the next moment or the next movement I should say. It’s okay to even celebrate a little when goals change and when some things don’t work out or don’t go our way because if we have God in our lives He will route us on the path meant for us if we allow Him. So lately I have been just praying and hoping for a promotion that I put in for. One position and 85 internal qualified candidates (whether that number proves to be factual or fiction is still not determined). Am I qualified? Yes. Am I capable? Yes. Am I confident? Yes. But so are many of the other candidates I am sure. And though I feel that I would do amazingly in the position I also know that it’s unto management to determine the next fit in their eyes for the role, A fit that entails so much including seniority which my 3.5 years as a state employee does not compare to that or someone with eight or more years. And so I share this because if I don’t receive the promotion I will not become complacent by thinking that I will never advance out of my position but rather I will be content and believe that in the given moment whatever is meant to be mine’s will be because I have offered it in petition and prayer and so therefore I will choose to smile and continue forth.

Be happy in your current moment. It’s okay to savor the moment for what it is. Once I was done with my Masters degree I was so focused on my next goal of obtaining a Ph.D and the fear of not working on it right away would result in me never going for it but thats not the case. Its all in timing. Its in the timing God has appointed if its in His will to be. Therefore enjoy the small pleasures and celebrate as should be content and relax in knowing that contentment does not equate complacency.

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