Ending The Limiting Thoughts

We are our own worst enemies. We get in the way of our own successes. We are our own limitations. Honestly, how many self limiting and sabatoging thoughts can a single person have in a day?

I was working with a client not so long ago. My role as a consultant was to aid her in making the decisions that would elevate her life and set her on the course to success. I found it and still find it astonishing when we are surprised by our own success, when we are amazed to see how far we have come and question in totality if we deserved or truly surpassed our expectations. This client of mine was no exception. She had overcome many challenges in her life. She accomplished many great feats and achievements. She had gone from one social class to another. No longer a member of the low income class she had became a part of the working class and made her way into the middle class however her mindset remained that of a poverty stricken mind.

Having struggled on occasions with being able to put food on the table and comfortably able to clothe her family she now found herself setting herself up solely for the future. She lived in what could or would come and struggled to see the achievement of life and give herself permission to celebrate as such. She stated that never did she think she wouldn’t qualify for free lunch for her children or for subsidized housing or any other subsidies. Never did she think she’d be able to dine at top renown restaurants or able to purchase luxury items that were always such a reach in life.

I have to say so many of such think and behave in such a way. Many of us put in the work but live within the poverty mindset. We believe our income, luxuries and goals are limited. Limited to what we are humanly capable of attaining and achieving. We question the validity of our success. Can I really afford that 1.5k luxury handbag? How and when did this happen? Perhaps if I can truly afford it now then it must not be that luxurious. Perhaps the money should be saved for an unforeseen emergency, or for future endeavor or to advance in bills. These are all good options but enjoying and splurging and treating yourself is also a good option. We need to stop being surprised at the successes and advances that we reach in life. We need to stop being surprised when God shows up in a real way and provides for us. We need to stop living as if the God we serve is only for the poor. God is for the poor, those humble in spirit but that doesn’t mean that He won’t provide financially or materially. Of course our focus is on the spiritual first and foremost and always but He also meets our physical and tangible needs by moving through others so that we receive gifts, donations, contributions, employment, promotions and the such.

Many walk around stressing that our needs won’t be met or limiting what we ask from God because “it’s too much to ask for”. Too much to ask for? We serve the God of all “gods”, the beginning and the end. How could we place such limitations? These limitations come from our fallen human nature where we can’t comprehend the majesty and grandiose of God. It’s that same lack of wisdom and awareness that causes limitation in our own lives. It’s often that disbelief or doubt that causes us to not ask God for the bigger things in life. We often think we are being vain or materialistic or asking for what is out of our means but if it matters to us, if we contemplate it or give mind to it then we should also give God it. Break the shackles of self limiting thoughts and trust an ever loving God and chances are that if you don’t get what you asked for the response is not now or there is something better in store for you.

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