Standing by your Convictions

It’s a trying time to be alive. Quite honestly the older and wiser I become the less I am able to see the world through the innocent eyes of that of a child. The times we live in are defying times. For those of us trying to live by the word of God and the path of Christ the times we live in are dark, challenging and dangerous. Never before more than now do I think it is more challenging than ever to grow up as a child in the society that Americans and mainstream media has created. Now than before do I feel that the work of raising a family and children in virtues and morals is more under attack than ever. If ever the war was to break out on Christianity than I cannot think of what other way than the most recent events than the legality of unrestricted late term abortion and post/partial birth abortions. New York City the “pioneer” if you will of human slaughter, human sacrifice and mass murder had the audacity to light up the World Trade Center pink in their celebration of what they perceive and push as “woman’s reproductive rights”. This celebration cheered and toasted by left wing liberals who have been deceived by what true feminism is. The irony that the very place where hundreds and thousands of innocent lives were taken by the crashing of the twin towers from the acts of terrorist was now lit to celebrate the hundreds and thousands of more lives that will be taken by the terrorist of the left wing liberals who pushed and passed the bill while in office does not pass on me easily. My heart hurts and my stomach is nauseated. I’ve lost sleep over this and have tried to wrap my head around what world am I living in when the death of an innocent child is allowed just moments before the child could be brought to a safe delivery.

I simply can’t express the horror that I am experiencing internally over this. I have found myself beside myself.

I have cried, lost sleep, felt horrified, unfocused and perplexed. When did it become okay to kill a full term baby? When did infanticide become something of consideration? When did human lives become disposable? Obviously it began 42 years ago when Roe vs Wade became a law that was sold and pushed by liberals under the facade of “women’s reproductive health”. A law that was push based on a story from lies and fabrications from an elitist looking to establish a perfect race and get rid of black babies. It was sold to depict compassion and caring and understanding for minority women but it’s truth rooted in racial “cleansing and extermination”. The woman who was chosen to present her case would later on become a Christian and confess that Roe Vs. Wade was and is to this day based on a lie.

The devil’s playground, that is where we live, where the war is not physical but spiritual for sure. We live in the times when wrong is right and right is wrong and God forbid you disagree with the propaganda being sold lest you be called heartless and cruel and odd and usual. Yet it is us Christians that walk in truth, truth from God. Where murder is murder and what is wrong is wrong and it should be clear as night and day.

I sat in my cubicle in my office unable to focus on my cases. My mind was elsewhere. How was I expected to work? How was I expected to focus? How was anyone else focused? We are at war. A true war, a war on women who half will be killed before they are able to take their first breath. Some will take their first breaths and be left to shiver on a cold steel table struggling to breathe and left to die in an hour or two. Others will be disposed of in pieces, never to have been held, never to have been loved. Not only our female babies but our male babies as well. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t think straight. I was sitting in my cubicle with my prepared breakfast and lunch and comfortable clothing. My kids were both in attendance at their prospective schools with their friends and instructors and yet at this very moment a woman in her first, second and now third trimester was in an abortion clinic killing her own child. A child that was either killed by saline solution, d&a suction, pulled out in pieces or now the mother induced in labor and the baby injected lethal injection in which he or she would die from. Lethal injections that were classified as cruel and usual and inhumane for convicts of the most heinous crimes but perfectly acceptable for the most innocent of children- the unborn. What kind of world am I living in?

I’m living in the kind of world that I have an obligation and responsibility to see that as a mother I teach my children how to discern truths from almost truths but also truth from blatant lies that were and are now totally acceptable. I live in a life that at the age of 16 I have to be sure that regardless of how many tears my daughter cries from video links and articles that I send her that she is educated on what really takes place in an abortion and what our country is doing or not doing to not only prevent this but now proactively encouraging it.

I live in a world where those pro choice voice their opinions freely but once you as a Christian and pro lifer voice your opinion you are labeled as judgmental and condemning. And let me say that is my first hand experience. Most recently I took to my social media and posted a video of my son when he was about three or four months and captioned my opinion on the new law and that killing a child is not “woman’s reproductive healthcare” but is MURDER! I mean we are talking about a baby that is about to crown and can be delivered safely and alive. The response to my post was either “crickets” as very few actually clicked like or commented in agreement or I received private messages stating that “if you are a woman of God then you leave it upto God and you don’t judge” because as they stated “you have never been in those shoes and have no place making that decision”.

The fortunate truth is I AM a woman of God and as a woman of God it is both my duty and responsibility to preach the gospel and stand for what is right. It IS my business because if I know it is taking place and I do nothing about it then I am just as guilty as those who commit the crimes. These particular individuals wanted to argue economics and how would we support these unwanted children and how our system is broken and that we’d be bringing children to the world to suffer. And furthermore how presumptious to assume that I had never been in those shoes and that I could not relate when these individuals knew nothing about my life and my experiences lest the ones I had chosen to share. The truth is only God knows my life in every detail and only God knows just how well I can relate.

I informed the individual that itwas not my job to solve society’s problems. And the answers she was looking for she would not find from me. I informed her on a few of my life experiences and further elaborated that I am simply standing by God’s truths. If God stated “thou shalt not kill” and abortion is killing then I have to stand by what God said and defend what His word says because one day I will have to stand before Him and give him an account of my life and everything I did or didn’t do for Him, His people and His kingdom.

You see, that is what the pro choicers want to do. They want us to believe that these would be aborted children would be better off dead than to come to a world to suffer. It’s unfair to say that someone will be better off dead than to suffer, as this world is full of suffering and as suffering can purify our souls. It is unfair to make the assumption that these children are better off dead. It’s simply not our choice. We are not God.

If a child is months, weeks, days or hours from being born and is unwanted there is nothing wrong with delivering that child ALIVE and alleviating the mother from that responsibility. There will be others to love and care for the child for sure. Furthermore can you imagine the trauma of the mother if the baby to be born just moments ago was kicking and moving and now is delivered a pale blue color with no life? I mean there are no words. There is no justification. Liberals will say “well it’s only if the mother’s health or the babies’ health is in danger.” The reality is killing the child will not relieve the mother, of anything it will endanger the mother further than just having a delivery. It’s senseless and full of fallacies. Beyond that health is so vague that we are not given a gage as to what is a satisfactory health condition nor if it is in regards to physical, emotional, social, mental, financial or spiritual health. It’s just not defined.

The truth is we live in a day when darkness triumphs and truth seems very limited. Truths that we are then persecuted by. But better to be persecuted for Christ then to live for a lie. And so my truths convicted me to stand up and voice my stance. My convictions stirred me ever more that I had no choice but to make a personal decision and change my political affiliation. Though I have not voted democratically always my party was designated as a Democrat and this week I am proud to say that I joined the Walk Away Campaign and left the liberal party as my views and beliefs certainly do not align with their’s and I could not stand to be affiliated to a party that condoned and celebrated the termination and murder of a life.

What a sad day it truly is in America. What a sad day it is for women, children and men alike. What a sad day it is for the human race. However, I do believe in God and though we are given free will such as the will of evil that we are seeing, we are also given the opportunity to pray and repent and come together as the body of Christ in asking pardon and mercy for all the unborn those in the womb and those aborted and thrown aside. More than ever this is our opportunity to stand up for what we believe in and fight the good fight.

And so I ask you to pray the good fight and fight for this precious gift of life.

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