Dear Writer… How To Become A Writer

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Do you long to become a writer? Do you long to share your story, thoughts and ideas with others through your writings be it a blog or thread, magazine or book? Writing is such a beautiful tool to allow ourselves to truly express ourselves, share with others and embrace authenticity. To become a writer there is one critical and imperative step. You must write. Simple enough. To become a writer you must do the very thing you will become. You must write to become a writer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always enjoy the process of writing nor long to write. It simply means you must write. Be it daily or weekly you must hold yourself accountable to a schedule of consistency. As a self proclaimed writer I myself have not always met this standard. I truly enjoy writing. I can immerse myself in the beauty of poetry, the romance of combining the perfect sequence of words for true expression, the accomplishment of sharing my thoughts and ideas. Writing is a therapy for me. Writing is also a creative outlet for me. In essence it is a sense of being. A part of me lives through my writings in being able to share with others. However this does not mean that I always write. With time being such a precious commodity I can’t always find the time to sit down be it in front of my laptop or a journal or even on a writing app on my phone. I do believe in life it’s not about finding time but rather making time. However for myself personally and for many others, life is made up of long hours at the office, kids activities, cooking and cleaning, worship and the occasional church outings, seminars or social events. In all honesty, writing simply hasn’t been on my list of priorities and yet I long to spend hours in the comfort of my bed or on my sofa surrounded by my white flowers, burning candle and luminated window writing to my heart’s content. To be writer one must write. Not once but always.

Consistency doesn’t equate perfection as the old adage states “practice makes perfect”. Nothing is ever perfect but practice and consistency does equate experience and improvement generally. Inspiration is a beautiful force. However inspiration alone will not equate consistency. Habit will do so. Cultivating the habit of writing is what makes writers continue to be writers.

In educating one on the art of writing and being a writer whether it’s for private purposes or a blog or to set oneself on the path of becoming a published author there are steps that professional writers adhere to. The following are key points from best selling authors and bloggers on the art of writing and in meeting your writing goals.

* Read

To be a good writer spend time reading. Read novels, articles, columns etc. Taking time to read cultivates the mind and ignites thoughts and creativity that result in better samples and products of writing.

* Manage Your Time Wisely

Be specific in regards to when you will commit to writing. Track your hours dedicated to writing as if it were a full or parttime job to ensure that you are meeting your commitment to writing and managing your time effectively.

* Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Set monthly goals and quarterly goals to meet your overarching goals. Set the amount of blog posts per month or week. Set daily word counts. Establish how many pages you will journal each day.

* Find Your Happy Place

Establish a place or places where you can write that inspires you. This can be your local coffee shop, a park, office, library etc. Wherever you feel most comfortable and creative without interruptions is a a great start for establishing a happy place.

* Assemble Your Writing Tools

Be sure that you find comfortability when writing. Find which form of writing works best for you whether it’s handwriting or a phone app, tablet, notebook, computer etc. Take an attempt at utilizing different forms until you find what works best for your unique personal style and personality.

* Settle On Your Big Idea

Don’t wait for inspiration. Take time to settle on an idea and commit to it. Though it may change or sway while writing, stay focused on the big idea.

* Construct Your Outline

Create an outline or roadmap if you will for larger works of writing.

* Break Up The Project

This goes hand and hand with creating S.M.A.R.T goals. Fall in love with the project itself but execute it by breaking it up into small pieces. This is especially vital for writing a book, manuscript, novel or developing curriculum.

* Turn Off Your Internal Editor

Write and write and focus on writing. Write everything first without corrections until your first draft is completed. Save edits for after.

And lastly love what you do. Go back and make final edits, reread your work and take pride in what you have created. Develop thick skin against the critics and know your team. Know who supports you in your love, passion, skill and gift of writing. Build up your own community. Love your readers and continue putting out your best work.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been written before. Most likely it has… but not by you.

Love what you do. Write and be a writer. Be a writer and write. The world is waiting for your written word. The world is waiting for your written beauty. Be a writer and write.

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