Losing Someone You Love

Death. It’s one of life’s inevitable occurrences. We will all face and deal with death at one point or another during our lifetime. Death truly does put a finality in our relationships with someone whom we loved and cared for and shared memories. It’s one of those unfair life changing moments when rarely do we get to say our final goodbye or tell the individual how much they mean(t) to us and how lovingly they have impacted our lives and our hearts. We think back at the memories and the challenges or miscommunications throughout our relationship and wish we could have done things differently or said things better. We consider the changes and circumstances of life as well as our own persona and ego and the effect that has had on how we related with said individual. Many times we will live with bouts of regret, wishing we could go back in time. Wishing we could get just one moment back. Losing someone we love is never easy. Life is not easy.

Losing someone special, spectacular and phenomenal is all the more difficult. Rather than live in regret we should believe that that individual has met his/her creator. We should believe that he or she has already been wrapped and basked in the love and mercy of God. We should in fact pray for their soul. We should pray for their eternal salvation and make reparations and almsgiving in honor of that individual. In this regard we are continuing to be a friend and blessing to them even though they have passed into the mystery of death. Death does not finalize our relationship with that individual. Although we are not able to interact and dialogue as before we should believe that death is not final and we will meet again at the last judgement.

The consolation is in knowing that although death is inevitable and we will all pass that it is not final and our prayers can in fact continue to make a difference even once that individual has passed. We continue to love that individual through our prayers and the precious memories that we hold dear to our heart. We recognize their death from Earth is their birth to paradise and we pray. We pray for their peace. We pray for their soul. We pray for their eternal salvation.

Death is never easy. Death is never final. Jesus conquered death. May we remember that He conquered it so we may be born again, this time into eternal life.

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