Starting Your Day

How many of us hit the snooze button on that dreaded alarm day in and day out. “Just ten more minutes, just another fifteen”. We’ve all fallen victim to this at least once or twice in our life. Perhaps it’s insomnia that has us hitting that alarm or the cold temperatures outside or simply lack of motivation. We then hit snooze, oversleep and start our day in a rush.

It’s happens from time to time sure. Sometimes a sick child will keep you late hours at night or early hours in the morning. Sometimes we ourselves are fighting ailments or extenuating circumstances that have drained us. These are exceptions and not the norm. When we have a daily habit of hitting the snooze button what we are subconsciously doing is saying ‘the desire of my flesh to get rest is stronger than my will to be better’. We are snoozing on our dreams, our goals and our habits all while just hitting that snooze button. Think about it. What can an extra fifteen or 30 minutes of uninterrupted undisturbed time do for you?

When we wake up and set our feet on the ground although we may be tired we will awaken and we will progress as we have taken the first initiative. The second is, making the bed. Making the bed first thing in the morning sets the tone for accomplishment. You’ve already accomplished one task if nothing else bright and early and that is making the bed. I will share my recent experiences and research on early rising and the effects it’s made in my life. I’ve gone back and forth between being an early riser and slumping back into hitting the snooze button.

Early rising ensures that I’m intentionally praying first thing in the morning. It gives me time to reflect and meditate. I envision the peace and calm I want in my life and my hopes for my future as well as my children’s future. I can decide if I want to spend the other 30/45 minutes to continue to pray or to read or get up and exercise or prepare a big breakfast or do housework. I can choose to be intentional about how productive or relaxed I want to go about starting the day. This past week I’ve been implementing the habit of early rising once more. My alarm is set for 5am. On occasion I have hit snooze until 5:10am. On occasion I have woken up by 4:50am. Both occasions I am certainly out of bed no later than 5:30am. By the time my feet touch the ground I’ve already done my morning prayers, meditation and reflection and am ready to start the day. After freshening up my first task is to make the bed. Usually I make one side of it as my son has been cuddling in bed with me and I don’t want to wake him so early (I make the other side once he’s out of bed). Some days I have taken to reading whatever novel I fancy during the time. This past week I woke up early two days to tackle the kitchen and prepare a big breakfast as my daughter had final exams and to organize my storage room at which I emptied the room of our bicycles, beach gear, coolers, tents, skates and outdoor novelties and continued on to sweeping the room, mopping it and rearranging it so that everything was stored back in it’s proper place and anything outgrown was donated. On that particular day I went into the office with a huge sense of accomplishment. Not only had I done early what I planned to do later on but I also got in a good cardio workout while doing it. I had my blood pumping and felt reenergized for the day. I was able to prepare the table and envision my afternoon as my task had already been completed which opened up time for me to go cycling with my kids or set up my grill and patio or a combination of both while still spending time with my family and enjoying myself.

By setting up on day and starting it right we can accomplish so many tasks leaving room for us to have time to do things we truly enjoy and hardly ever have time for. By starting a load of laundry early in the morning I can then put it to dry before leaving for the office and have it folded or ask my daughter to fold it by early evening. This ensures our household runs efficiently and effectively. If I wait until I leave to start a load of laundry. I am still being efficient but then our clothing remains wet until later in the evening at which either myself or my daughter will put it to dry.

If I take out meat or seafood in the morning then I have a plan for what and how we will eat in the evening. If I sweep and mop in the morning then we get to come home to the scent of lemon or cinnamon or lavender later in the day. By getting in a workout in the early hours I can ensure that I get in the minimum 30 minutes of recommended cardio if nothing else. My making an effort for breakfast I can rest easy knowing my kids started their day with fuel (or many times at least the option to have a nutritious breakfast as my six year old does not always agree with meal choices). It all starts in the morning. It all starts in starting the day. Let us be intentional in starting our day and envision all the wonderfully possibilities and after morning prayers let’s get our feet on the ground and get to work.

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