Inspiring Others

What if I told you that you inspire others without even realizing it? It’s true. You by being who you are and true to yourself inspire those who are in indirect or direct contact with you and you may not even realize it.

I stumbled upon this realization just recently. As someone who enjoys sharing tidbits of information and inspiration on my social media I am naturally inclined to share parts of my life; much of which I consider to be the mundane everyday doings of my life. I find myself sharing when I go for my walks which help me with completing a minimal 30 minute daily exercise goal and promote mental clarity. I will sometimes post ways that I celebrate special occasions with my family or a weekend excursion to a local winery, stops at the library and which novels or books I’m divulging in. My joys lately come from living a quiet, tranquil and healthy life from which I derive contentment from simple doings such as a visit to my favorite coffee shop, a long morning or midday walk, biking around the neighborhood with my son or hearing a good sermon or lecture. While these doings may not seem anything out of the ordinary they are the ordinary simple doings that add a small spark of joy to an ordinarily mundane life of the regular routine of day ins and day outs. These small little doings are a part of my character and an essence of myself. I post my trips to the library because I enjoy reading and more than that I enjoy reading books that are free. I post my thrift shopping ventures because I love finding a new piece for my wardrobe at the fraction of the cost of a department store. I enjoy dressing up and sipping on wine. I enjoy art and simple doings of life. I’ve had to learn to enjoy the simplicity of life and do and live with/for less as a single mom. I pretty much just live my life and try to live it authentically for myself. I truly surprised that by me just being true to myself that I was inspiring and impacting individuals without even knowing.

The realization began slowly more so in my place of employment, after all, I do spend more time with my colleagues than with my own family. I began seeing colleagues that I never saw reading suddenly having books and novels on their desks and in their purses for their breaks or for when the workload for the day was at a sparse minimal. I started seeing individuals bringing in their sneakers to do lunch walks and coordinate lunch groups to lap a mile or so during a quick 15 or 30 minute break. Individuals that fancied certain establishments began fancying the ones I did. Colleagues that occasionally saw me eating certain favorite foods were now big into buying the same and raving how it was their long time favorite. Granted, we all share such by just being with our inner and outer circles but seeing the small impact I was making simply by just being me made me think. I was inspiring others just by my way of being and living. I was impacting others to make changes in their own lives without even pressing changes upon them. I simply was just me and saw gradual changes and impacts even on those that I barely spoke to. God was using me to impact others and motivate and inspire others without me having set out the goal to do such.

This is how we live. When we live our lives pure, honest and wholesome we are living it to our best potential in that given moment and we are leading and also preaching with our being and our essence, our words, choices, decisions and lack of decisions. We are impacting our future but also flowing our impact onto others. We are making an actual difference in such a small way but simply being ourselves. We are all a part of one mystical body of Christ and one part of the body affects the other as a whole. It is for this very reason that we should give great thought and take into great consideration what we are portraying and leaning towards in our lives. It is valuable to spend time evaluating our fruits in life and what seeds we are sowing. It is worthwhile to take into consideration the clothes we are wearing, the language we are using, the activities in which we are engaging. All of these play into the life that we live, the life we portray and the ripple effect it has on other lives.

I was truly surprised to find that people were inspired to either go back to school after seeing that I had been able to achieve an advanced education as a single mom or that people were now excited to take on reading as a new habit or that people thanked me for recommending a book when in reality I hadn’t and they had just observed me reading a book in particular. It’s truly rewarding to see how just finding joy in simplicity can inspire others to their shop and do better for their environment, to visit establishments of refinement and class, to give a little more of themselves to others. Of course this is not limited to myself and I don’t blog this to brag. I too have been inspired many times by people near and afar in how they live their lives. It’s why social media is such a valuable tool because we learn from observing and finding inspiration from others even among those who are strangers when we ourselves don’t have direct contact with said individuals. It’s why marketing is so imperative and campaigns and slogans are developed to adhere to what stirs our hearts and souls and what moves us.

Let us remember as we may have been told when we were younger that we are role models. We are role models for the younger generation but we are also role models for our peers and older generation alike. We each have unique gifts and talents that not only benefit ourselves but also the lives of others. And let us remember that we may be the only “face of God” or “bible” that people will ever “see” or “read”. May we continue to find joy and share and exude joy and may we continue to be one part in the great part of inspiring and motivating others in the bigger picture and in the greater body of Christ.

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