Forgiveness Awaits

It was one of those occasions. One that would happen far too often, a disagreement, a misunderstanding, lack of communication and wounds were reopened, touched and it hurt. Even though I had forgiven this person almost a decade ago there were occasions where the wounds would reopen and the pain of the past would resurface. I was hurt, upset, felt betrayed and yet I knew I would forgive. Not because I’m weak or because I’m a pushover but because bitterness and anger and resentment are toxic rotten fruits that have no place in my life. They had no place in my heart and no place in my life. Did this make everything right? No but I knew that the level of love that was in me outweighed the circumstances. I knew that it in no way was worth me being angry and lashing out for more than the time I had allowed myself to be in touch with my juman emotions. I sat there looking at my phone. Waiting for an apology. It may come. It may never come. I had already forgiven this person regardless of the outcome. I had already decided to hurt as much as I did and put it behind me. The apology would be simply to reconcile and build the bridge to open the communication. And I got to thinking. This is how it is with God. HE becomes angered with our sin and we fall out of grace but HE is ready to forgive us even before we ask for forgiveness because that is how much HE loves us. He has already given us the bridge to HIM through the sacrament of reconciliation. HE is ready and more than wanting to reconcile with us and shower us with love. Love that we are undeservingly worthy of. Love that I was ready to give. You see love is what we are lacking in this world and love is what covers a multitude of sins.

Forgiveness is yours and waiting. You just need to seek it out.

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