About The Author 

Channel Baez is a writer, mentor and public speaker and is blessed with two beautiful children of her own. Her educational and professional experience both extend far beyond that of what is recorded on a resume.
She holds an Associate’s of Arts from Massachusetts Bay Community College, a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Massachusetts and a Master’s of Education in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership through the University of Illinois as well as an array of personal and professional development certifications including the Latino Leadership Initiative through Harvard University.

Her professional experience includes implementing educational mentorship programs/workshops, working as a family support worker for young families, serving as a private consultant in the social services and human service sector and currently holds a State Position as a BERS Social Worker and is a recent graduate of the Mentoring and Aspiring Supervisor Succession Program.

Channel is a life coach by nature. Her goal is to empower others to make the necessary changes that are needed to push forward in life and be in a better position for not only theirselves, but for their children, future and communities.

Her writings are collective pieces of informative writings, educational pieces and sprinkles of faith with hopes that her stories, pieces and articles will touch, inspire and encourage you. At the very least that they will provoke thoughts of your own.

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